Why Your Scheduled C-Section Will Be Better Than The Last
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This post may have portions of it that may be hard for some people to read.
I have given birth twice, both were c-sections. I’m not here to get into the argument about whether or not a c-section is giving birth or not. I had a baby in me, he came out and took his first breath. Birth.  My first c-section was unplanned. An emergency. I had a feeling from day one of my pregnancy that is how it would pan out, but my “birth plan” definitely didn’t include it. My second c-section there was no other plan. I was going to have a scheduled c-section, and getting tubes tied while I was at it.
Why Your Scheduled C-Section Will Be Better Than The Last
Why Your Scheduled C-Section Will Be Better Than The Last
But what was the difference between an emergency and a scheduled c-section? There wasn’t much information out there at the time. I could umpteen million posts about what to pack in the diaper bag, but few telling me what to expect, what the difference was. So I went in expecting the same thing I had experienced with my first one.

Emergency C-Section

The entire point is to get that baby out in a hurry. As much as the doctors and nurses try to comfort you, you know why you’re there. One of both of you is in some sort of danger. From the minute they say go to the minute your child is crying, the whole procedure seems very fast. No small talk. The prep is rushed, but not compromised, and the actual birth is rushed as well.
Your plan is gone and you don’t know what’s happening. You have no time to process what is about the happen to you, or what it entails; and while you know the general process, the reality of it is different.

My Story

After 36 hours of labor and not dilating they called it a “failed induction” and phoned the surgeon. By that point I was exhausted. I had not slept in nearly 48 hours. Add to that the amount of drugs I had pumped into me, and not working, the whole thing was king of a blur to be honest with you.

After Big H finally made his appearance the trauma wasn’t over. I was hemorrhaging, and what was already rushed turned into panic. My husband and newborn son were rushed out of the room so the doctors could focus on me.  They got it under control and I was rolled into recovery, where I got to meet my son for the first time. At least that’s what I’m told, because I have zero memory of anything until the next day. I don’t remember holding my son for the first time. I don’t remember feeding him for the first time. Those precious first moments of his life are non-existent in my moment. I needed 5 units of blood and nearly 5 days in the hospital before being released.

Now obviously not every emergency c section is like this, but that is MY experience with it. 

Scheduled C-Section

The night before my scheduled c-section was terrified. Who can blame me based on the experience of the last one? I remember sitting in my bed bawling, thinking about what I was sure to be an awful experience the next day. We had picked our babies birthday and, the week before we had done all the tests, talked to the anesthesiologist and been walked through the whole process. But in my head, I was sure it would be the exact same. I finally got some sleep but that walk into the hospital was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But it was nothing like I remembered.
The doctors and nurses were calm. There wasn’t any rushing, there was no scrambling. Each step of the surgery was completed without panic until finally my son was born. 45 minutes after surgery started. I’m not sure exactly how much longer that was in comparison to my first c-section, but I would estimate nearly twice as long. Without anyone lifes on the line, the doctors were able to take their time and therefore Eliminate as many risks as possible.
I got to see my son, and my husband stayed with me until I went to recovery. Afterwards, I got the spend the day with my husband and my newborn son. Without the trauma and the panic and without the terror.  Within 2 hours of walking into the hospital. I had my son in my arms.

The Most Important Thing

The biggest thing is yes you’re still undergoing major surgery. But when it is planned it is calm and almost even bearable. I don’t have a vaginal birth under my belt, nor will I ever, but I do have a pleasant birth experience with the second. After speaking to many other moms who have had both, their experiences paralleled mine.
So if you are facing the idea of scheduled c-section, take a breath, take a moment, and realize that the second is nothing like the first.


Jordan dorleus

I had a very section as well but I didn’t consider it an emergency c section. I chose to have a c section instead because I was incapable of pushing. I don’t plan on having another child but if I do I’d rather a c section

Live Learn better

Oh wow! Childbirth comes with different experiences. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for sharing your personal story and experience with an emergency C-section. I think this is very reassuring to those women who find themselves in similar situations and are trying not to panic.

Before I gave birth of my child, my doctor ask me if I want a C-section. But I told both of my doctors that I want to deliver my baby natural, and if c-section is needed we will do it. I had friends that schedule their C-Section and recovering was forever they said. This is a great post sharing this one.

I had 4 planned c-sections – with the first two I went into labour but the second two went as planned. Honestly all 4 times were a breeze. First one was a bit sore but not for very long and by the 4th one it really was a breeze

Thanks for the story. I always hoped a scheduled one would be a little better. Both my first two were emergency c sections and I’m terrified of having more surgeries, but it’s nice to know it may not be the same way.

Thanks for finally talking about > Why Your Scheduled
C-Section Will Be Better Than The Last – Mad Mommy Lifestyle < Loved it!

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