Travel. Who doesn’t love to travel? My love of travel runs deep and strong, and so this is the section of Mad Mommy I am most excited about.

I would love to tell you that these posts will be about travelling to each end of the world, but, for now, they will focus on more localized travel. You cannot truly appreciate the world until you can appreciate your own backyard. I live in the middle of the gorgeous province of Alberta and much of my travel will take place here. We will explore hotels, restaurants, campgrounds, towns and cities.

I do TRY to travel outside our beautiful backyard at least once a year and we do have some exciting trips planned in the next while so we will absolutely be writing about those as well.

I travel will my kids and I travel without my kids. So, you’ll find a little bit of everything here.

Welcome to my favourite part of Mad Mommy, the travel section.


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