3 Ways You Can Celebrate Your Childs Halloween Birthday
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When that I remember the day I was told my due day with Big H. October 20, a friend of ours was quick to make a joke that he would share a birthday with him, Halloween. I swore up and down that this baby would not be 11 days late. Well, like all babies, they have a schedule of their own and on October 31 we were blessed with a baby with a Halloween birthday.

You might not think it but having a Halloween Birthday presents some challenges. Not the same as Christmas birthday by any means, but still challenges. The older a child gets the easier it becomes, but when they are young you have to look outside of a “Halloween Birthday” Parents want to spend Halloween with their children, and so a birthday party is never actually on the birthday. You always end up having a party really late, or really early. Plus, Halloween is never just Halloween anymore. It is always so-and-so birthday.

That might be the worst part. You would think that having your birthday on Halloween would be really cool. But, Halloween is for everyone, and its no longer just “your day” like most people get on their birthday. your birthday tends to get pushed the wayside.

That being said it does open up a whole world of Halloween Birthday Party themes and activities. If you’re looking to stick with a Halloween themed party decorations are easy, everywhere seems to sell Halloween decorations these days. But when you’re looking for activities these are three I am saving for Big H decides he wants to have a Halloween Themed Party for his Halloween Birthday. 

Carve Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins is a time honoured Halloween tradition. Turning it into a Halloween Birthday Party is super easy.  Aside from the cleanup. This does involve knives so may be best with plenty of adults on hand or waiting until the kids are old enough to do it themselves safely. 

  1. Buy some pumpkins
  2. Cut off the tops
  3. Empty the guts – this is easily the worst part but you can make pumpkin seeds as a party snack as well 
  4. Print off some jack-o-lantern stencils
  5. Carve the pumpkins


I think there comes a point in every parent’s life when they are over trick or treating and they are ready for someone else to take over the responsibility.  Turning the activity of Trick-Or-Treating into a party is simple. It is also a perfect way to celebrate a Halloween Birthday on Halloween. 

  1. Order some pizza (or some other quick and delicious party meal)
  2. Have your cake and presents 
  3. Take a hoard of children Trick-Or-Treating
  4. Return the sugar-filled children back to their parents. – You are still, however, responsible for your own. 

Costume Party

One of the worst things about Halloween is that you’re lucky if your kid wears the costume more than once. A costume party is one of the easiest ways to celebrate a Halloween Birthday

  1. Throw birthday party
  2. Invite guests to wear their costumes

See easy peasy. 

Do you or someone you know have a Halloween Birthday to celebrate? What do you think would be a good way to party?

3 Ways You Can Celebrate Your Childs Halloween Birthday
3 ideas to celebrate a Halloween birthday


Aww these are such great ideas! I never thought about having a baby on a holiday (besides Christmas) and it being tough because it’s not just their Day! You’re a great mom for thinking of ways to make his day special!

Thank you, it means a lot to hear (read) that.

Melisa from Crushing Motherhood

What a fun idea! I never thought about the challenges of sharing a birthday with Halloween.

I think having your Birthday on Halloween is one of the better holidays for it to fall on though. You get candy and presents! I love your ideas you have here. A costume birthday party combo sounds like so much fun!

Yes, I agree!

I love the idea of a costume party or a trick or treat party, how fun! I hope your little one has a happy birthday!

One of my daughter’s friends had a Halloween Birthday … we went to his Halloween Party every year for a few years and went trick or treating as a group afterward. It was honestly some of the best Halloweens we’ve had!

This is great to hear!

These are super fun ideas! I love the party idea. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for reading

I never thought about having a birthday at Halloween. This is a great way to celebrate both holidays.

Yes it is!

Chells | Bottles + Bellinis

I was always a little jealous of my cousin whose birthday was near Halloween! These are all great ideas.

What a neat party idea! Everyone gets to go home with w pumpkin and when they are older they can make more intricate ones. My Bday is close to Xmas a week before so always had a dual celebrations!

Christmas would be so hard.

This is great. My younger brothers birthday is Halloween I know it was rough some times.

Evelyn Hernandez

These are all great ideas for a Halloween party, love it!

Cute pictures! I got a kick out of Trick or Treating #4!!

It sounds like quite a bit of work though.

I I actually really like the idea of taking the kids out trick-or-treating as part of a birthday party. It’s something new that I hadn’t heard so I’m sure other parents would be super into it and your little one gets to celebrate. Happy birthday to him!

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