Lifestyle, could there be a more vague term?

In this section of Mad Mommy, you’ll find a little bit of everything. From parenting to a household to cooking, and everything in between. This is a catch-all, and probably where you will find most of my posts. I’m a mom of three very active and busy boys and so much of what you find here will probably be centred around them in some way, but, if your looking for something specific let me know and I will see if I can accommodate you in some way.

Welcome to the new lifestyle section of Mad Mommy, where you’ll find my life.



Is There A Time And Place For A Participation Medal?
I have a hard time with kids receiving a participation medal. I normally don’t believe in then. But, at young
Why Your Scheduled C-Section Will Be Better Than The Last
This post may have portions of it that may be hard for some people to read. I have given birth
How To Accept Your Role As A Step-Parent, My Journey
I can't be a parent, and I certainly can't be a step-parent. That was without a doubt my fear when walking
Happy Holidays from my family to yours. I'll be back mid-January with fresh content.
  All links have been shared with permission from the authors. UPDATE: Great news! I've updated this post with new
The Ultimate Christmas Movie 25 day Advent Calendar
Christmas is right around the corner. Somehow the year has come and gone and we're back in the most wonderful
My Miscarriage; The Story Of The Loss Of My Baby
  This post may be hard to read for some people. I knew the moment I lost that baby... Near
Period Underwear, Why It Has To Be In Your Daughters Wardrobe.
**Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Knixteen. All opinions, however, are mine and uninfluenced.** I remember being in Junior High
Feeling Nostalgic in the 90's with Aqua
When Aqua announced their 90s Rewind tour my friend, C, and I immediately knew we wanted to go. We were
3 Ways You Can Celebrate Your Childs Halloween Birthday
When that I remember the day I was told my due day with Big H. October 20, a friend of