An Important Lesson In Safety. No Helmet, No Ride.

An Important Lesson In Safety. No Helmet, No Ride.

An Important Lesson In Safety. No Helmet, No Ride.

An Important Lesson In Safety. No Helmet, No Ride.

An Important Lesson In Safety. No Helmet, No Ride.

Flashback 5 years: I walk outside to see L wearing a mixing bowl on his head. When I questioned him as to why his answer? “I wanted to ride my bike and couldn’t find my helmet.” Even at 3 years old he knew, no helmet, no bike.

The rule still applies to anyone at our house, always has, always will. Bike, scooters, skateboards, quads, basically anything that they sit or stand on with wheels. Even a snowboard, and skates, which don’t have wheels but still require helmets.  I don’t care if you are moving 10 blocks or 10 feet. Your helmet is on your head.

Sadly this doesn’t seem to be the norm anymore. Nearly every day in the summer I see kids riding with no helmet. I’m not talking about older kids and teenagers. No, I am talking about kids L, and Big H’s ages, 8 and 6. Or even worse, Little H’s age, 3. This isn’t the kids’ decision, that is clearly the parents. I just don’t understand it. In Alberta, it is the LAW, at least on a bike; and more recently for everyone on an off-road vehicle or motorcycle.

Helmet Rules

A few summers ago we had what seemed like a constant battle at my parents’ house, she had picked up some used bikes for the boys to use at their house. Great. Except she didn’t get them helmets. – When I was growing up I wouldn’t have dared to not wear a helmet. If the fall didn’t kill me my parents certainly would have.- Every day the kids would be on them, and every day I was the bad guy telling them no they don’t have helmets on. I don’t care,  I have to make my point the same rules apply everywhere not just at home.

They do finally have helmets, Big H is at least a size too big, and Little H has an oddly shaped head and is impossible to get a helmet sized properly on him,  which is another battle I have been tackling while there. But luckily this year they are much more focused on the swings instead of their bikes.

Learning a Lesson

ATV helmets there isn’t even a little bit of a grey area. I worked at the Polaris dealership until a few years ago. The amount of kids that are allowed to ride without a helmet BLOWS MY MIND! My kids are not allowed to even ride their battery-powered quads without a helmet. If you let them ride one without a helmet they will want to ride them all. It just is easier for them to wear it always. This has never been an argument with our kids, it has just always been the case. When riding B and I always wear our helmets, monkey see monkey do right? However, Big H and L learned really fast a few years why they always wear a helmet. B was loading the side-by-side on the trailer going about 2 km/h and hit a rock. The result?
B without a helmet

Stitches and a Harry Potter scar on his forehead. Imagine if he had been going regular riding speed. L now preaches helmet safety, because he doesn’t want to crack his head open like his daddy.

I’m not trying to come across preachy. To me, it is just common sense.

No Helmet, No Ride.

If you’re looking for more bike safety you can find it here or here. For more on ATV safety check out here. Or you know, use your head.

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Is There A Time And Place For A Participation Medal?

Is There A Time And Place For A Participation Medal?

Is There A Time And Place For A Participation Medal?
Is There A Time And Place For A Participation Medal?

I have a hard time with kids receiving a participation medal. I normally don’t believe in then. But, at young ages, they are just learning to love the game. They have their whole lives to learn how to lose. They don’t have to know everyone gets the medal they just known they got one. But there is a time and a place.

When They Are Okay

However, in tee-ball when L played in his first tournament he received his first medal. This was our first experience with it, and at this point, I would have said no. You earn a medal, but the look on his face said it all. He had played in his first tournament. Hours and hours in the blazing sun, with just a short break between games. The coach had hidden the medals and pulled them out at the end of the day. He may not have “won” his medal, but he earned that medal. 

His second tee-ball tournament was similar. His coach actually convinced the team that they needed to play harder if they had any hope of getting a medal. And they did. They played harder than ever and earned their medal in their own right.

Big H was getting incredibly burnt out during his first year of hockey. He had been counting down the day until was done for the year. Kindergarten 5 days a week, with hockey every weekend. There had been little to no break for 6 months. His love of the game has always been obvious, he’s passionate about hockey, but he was tired. His participation medal reaffirmed his love of the game. He knew his team only won 2/4 games but he started working extra hard so that maybe his team can win another one at his next tournament. 

When They Aren’t

The problem with participation medals, and with much of today’s society, is they don’t teach them how to lose. They learn to expect a reward for everything they do, even if they don’t do their best. You’re best isn’t always good enough, and that should drive to your work harder and play better, so that next time your best might be enough.

By L’s third year of baseball, we had turned a corner. He has now come to expect these medals, and he knows that at the end of the tournament he is going to walk away with a medal to hang on the wall. He no longer has to give it his all. We’re now moving on to our second year in the same division, and I know the same thing will happen.

This is one of the differences between hockey and baseball, while Big H is still getting participation medals in hockey, there is always another aspect. The heart and hustle, or the MVP awards DON’T go to every child. Those are earned. So even if they do get a participation medal or two through the year, they also have something to work harder for. – Not that it mattered this year, his team was undefeated. – This may not be how every league is set up. but it is how ours is.

Life Lessons and the Participation Medal

I always tell my boys, there is always going to be someone better than you, but the only thing I care about is that you are the best you can be. It’s true, I don’t care about the number of medals on the wall, I care that the tried their hardest.

There will always be times in their lives when they won’t win. They may not get 100 on their test, and they certainly won’t get all the jobs they interview for. They may start a business that fails or earn a degree that doesn’t make them millions. Learning as a child that you don’t win 100% of the time, will produce resilient, and confident adults.

And at the end of the day, isn’t that my job as a parent??

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Fairmont Hot Springs, 5 Things That Make It A Perfect Escape

Fairmont Hot Springs, 5 Things That Make It A Perfect Escape

Fairmont Hot Springs is a small town in British Columbia. While they do have year-round residents, the number of timeshares and rentals available are abundant. Despite being a small town it does have plenty to keep you busy while visiting, whether in town or within a short driving distance. We spent a week there in June 2018, and there was plenty to do, we were never left bored.
Fairmont Hot Springs, 5 Things that make it a perfect escape
Fairmont Hot Springs, 5 Things that make it a perfect escape

The Resort and RV Park

The Resort and campground are a-joined and they both have plenty to offer. The camp group gave my kids lots of room to ride their bikes and play at the playground. – Big H even taught himself to ride a two-wheeler. – The hotel itself has an excellent restaurant. And they both boast beautiful mountain views. You also get a discount on entry to the hot springs. When staying in Fairmont this is where you want to stay.

The Hot Springs

The town is named aptly, as they are known for their Hot Springs. A big beautiful pool, 3 actually with a lap pool, a dive tank and a “hot pool”. If you’re staying at the resort you have access to a more private smaller pool as well. These Hot springs are the largest in Canada and have been around for over 100 years. They are drained nightly and filled every morning (during peak months) and they an absolute joy to soak in. The water is full of minerals that do great things for your body as well.

Activity and Experience Center

Also at the hot springs resort offer daily activities for kids and families. They also have rentals for those who may be interested, and day camps for the kids during the summer month.

HooDoo Mountain

This a relatively short hike, 3 km round trip, just a short drive from Fairmont. The walk itself does have a few steeper section but nothing too strenuous. We did it as a family, including my mother in law who suffers from lupus, and my 5, 7, and 1 year old(stroller)sons. We also had two small dogs, one of which is a senior. The trail is well marked. Well travelled and the parking lot is large so no excuses! The views at the top are worth it anyways.


Invermere is not far from Fairmont and it itself has a ton to offer. We made a drive here a couple of times to restock on some groceries, and to sneak in some ice cream while the kids were with their grandparents. While not actually part of Fairmont it is worth making the journey.
As you can see there are tons to do in the area, even more, when you drive to the nearby towns. Miles and miles of potential hiking, tons of wildlife and the panoramic mountain views are certainly nothing to complain about.
Have you spent any time in  Fairmont Hot Springs? Let me know your favourite part below.
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Why Your Scheduled C-Section Will Be Better Than The Last

Why Your Scheduled C-Section Will Be Better Than The Last

This post may have portions of it that may be hard for some people to read.
I have given birth twice, both were c-sections. I’m not here to get into the argument about whether or not a c-section is giving birth or not. I had a baby in me, he came out and took his first breath. Birth.  My first c-section was unplanned. An emergency. I had a feeling from day one of my pregnancy that is how it would pan out, but my “birth plan” definitely didn’t include it. My second c-section there was no other plan. I was going to have a scheduled c-section, and getting tubes tied while I was at it.
Why Your Scheduled C-Section Will Be Better Than The Last
Why Your Scheduled C-Section Will Be Better Than The Last
But what was the difference between an emergency and a scheduled c-section? There wasn’t much information out there at the time. I could umpteen million posts about what to pack in the diaper bag, but few telling me what to expect, what the difference was. So I went in expecting the same thing I had experienced with my first one.

Emergency C-Section

The entire point is to get that baby out in a hurry. As much as the doctors and nurses try to comfort you, you know why you’re there. One of both of you is in some sort of danger. From the minute they say go to the minute your child is crying, the whole procedure seems very fast. No small talk. The prep is rushed, but not compromised, and the actual birth is rushed as well.
Your plan is gone and you don’t know what’s happening. You have no time to process what is about the happen to you, or what it entails; and while you know the general process, the reality of it is different.

My Story

After 36 hours of labor and not dilating they called it a “failed induction” and phoned the surgeon. By that point I was exhausted. I had not slept in nearly 48 hours. Add to that the amount of drugs I had pumped into me, and not working, the whole thing was king of a blur to be honest with you.

After Big H finally made his appearance the trauma wasn’t over. I was hemorrhaging, and what was already rushed turned into panic. My husband and newborn son were rushed out of the room so the doctors could focus on me.  They got it under control and I was rolled into recovery, where I got to meet my son for the first time. At least that’s what I’m told, because I have zero memory of anything until the next day. I don’t remember holding my son for the first time. I don’t remember feeding him for the first time. Those precious first moments of his life are non-existent in my moment. I needed 5 units of blood and nearly 5 days in the hospital before being released.

Now obviously not every emergency c section is like this, but that is MY experience with it. 

Scheduled C-Section

The night before my scheduled c-section was terrified. Who can blame me based on the experience of the last one? I remember sitting in my bed bawling, thinking about what I was sure to be an awful experience the next day. We had picked our babies birthday and, the week before we had done all the tests, talked to the anesthesiologist and been walked through the whole process. But in my head, I was sure it would be the exact same. I finally got some sleep but that walk into the hospital was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But it was nothing like I remembered.
The doctors and nurses were calm. There wasn’t any rushing, there was no scrambling. Each step of the surgery was completed without panic until finally my son was born. 45 minutes after surgery started. I’m not sure exactly how much longer that was in comparison to my first c-section, but I would estimate nearly twice as long. Without anyone lifes on the line, the doctors were able to take their time and therefore Eliminate as many risks as possible.
I got to see my son, and my husband stayed with me until I went to recovery. Afterwards, I got the spend the day with my husband and my newborn son. Without the trauma and the panic and without the terror.  Within 2 hours of walking into the hospital. I had my son in my arms.

The Most Important Thing

The biggest thing is yes you’re still undergoing major surgery. But when it is planned it is calm and almost even bearable. I don’t have a vaginal birth under my belt, nor will I ever, but I do have a pleasant birth experience with the second. After speaking to many other moms who have had both, their experiences paralleled mine.
So if you are facing the idea of scheduled c-section, take a breath, take a moment, and realize that the second is nothing like the first.
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15 Of The Internets Best Tips For Flying With Kids

15 Of The Internets Best Tips For Flying With Kids

My love of travelling has clearly been passed onto my children. They often sit and dream with me and their wanderlust is inspiring. We always try to take two vacations in a year, one just the adults and one as a family. – Try being the operative word – The adults tend to fly and explore the “better” parts of the world, like Maui. With the family, we tend to stay a little more local while exploring places like Drumheller, and Fairmont. But lately, we’ve been looking are more extravagant trips, ones where we have to option of flying with kids.

When L was 3, and Big H was 18 months we did fly cross country with them to Newfoundland. So it has been a hot minute, to say the least; 5 years almost to the date actually. My knowledge of flying with kids was slim to almost none, but I remember scouring the internet looking for blogs with some sort of insight on how to make this flight, bearable, maybe even fun.

After considering a few different trip options I found my way circling back to the exact same steps I took all those years ago. This time I am writing them down, and sharing them with you, so you don’t have to do the same. The blogging community is extremely helpful, no each other and the rest of the world; and these ladies were happy to share their best tips.


If you are traveling halfway around the world, chances are you will purchase a plane ticket for a short “hop” across the globe. In this case, book a seat that is positioned right next to a bassinet connection. This is really practical, especially because the strollers are typically too bulky for planes. – Pink Heart String

This really depends on your seat assignment, airline, and gate agent. But it’s definitely worth a shot asking for pre-boarding permission. Just put on a big smile and have your toddler use his best puppy dog eyes! – Bash and Company


A lightweight stroller that folds up small is my absolute number one for travelling with a baby or a toddler. Firstly it means you can easily manoeuvre through the airport and should your toddler need a nap that’s sorted, too. You have a place to hang your bag and store your shopping until you get to the plane. – Scandi Mummy

One mistake many parent’s make is not allowing their child to run free inside the airport before a flight.  Instead of trapping them in a stroller or putting them in a carrier, consider letting them be the boss.  Let them run down the hall, climb a few chairs, or challenge them to a game that involves them moving around.  One game idea would be to have them go find as many airplanes as they can out of the windows.  The idea is to burn down the energy BEFORE the flight! – Big Brave Nomad

In case you’re delayed at the airport, your little one is going stir crazy at a restaurant or if you need a break one afternoon during the trip, a variety of distractions are key. When we fly with kids we bring Lego,sticker books, activity books (with washable markers), mini puzzles and magic colouring books . – The Professional Mom Project

During The Flight

We usually try flying red-eyes if it is a trip that takes longer than 6 hours! This is personal preference but in our experience gives us a sure bet that at some point the said-child will fall asleep, making life A LOT easier for mom and dad. – Chasing Sacred

BRING SNACKS. Lots of snacks. And rethink your normal diaper bag. When flying with toddlers, I used to use a small underseat bag for my flying “diaper bag” that had not only both kids’ diapers and a couple full changes of clothes, plus all their meds (my kids had lots of prescriptions for thrush, eczema, eczema-related heavy-duty diaper rashes, etc.), BUT ALSO enough snacks to last them a full day’s worth of meals if needed. Airport food is not toddler-friendly, in my experience. – Super Mom Hacks

Kids can be just as impatient and curious as adults. If you keep them updated throughout the trip they will be less likely to be cranky and upset about the traveling. For example, you can tell them that we only have this much time left and then we will be there! – The Flying Couponer

Whenever I travel, I always set my watch to the local time when I get on the plane. Now while I don’t try to force my toddler to sleep when they don’t want to on a plane, let’s face it all you want to do is keep your toddler happy when flying but I always like to know where we are. I can then work out at what arrival time my toddler has napped on the plane and it helps me know roughly when she is likely to need to have a sleep when we land. – Wandermust Family

You probably will agree with this, that children love new toys. The old may not interest that much. So, surprise them with a toy, that you know that they will like and see 40-50 minutes go easily. Make stories with the new toy so that children remain engrossed and interested. – Kreative Mommy

Bring lots of food. I have found that a Tootsie Pop is good for sucking on during take off and landing to help with ears popping. Gel window clings are good entertainment. Cozyphone headphones are the best. – Diapers and Donuts

Toddlers may get a little cranky when tired, here are a few things to calm them down (besides food): a favorite plush toy, a book or two, & calming music. – Mama Latina Tips

Health and Saftey

Sickness happens at the worst times, especially on germ-packed international flights. Bring elderberry syrup, Tylenol, cold meds, stomach meds and cough meds for your little and also pack some Airborne or Emergency C and some daily vitamins for you and your spouse. There were so many germs on our trip, so we ate vitamin C like candy. Worked like a charm! – Pretty Persuasions

Get travel insurance that allows for escorted travel if your child or you are hospitalized. – Beauty and the Bump

Today many countries are very sensitive to the possibility of child abduction and trafficking so if you plan to travel with your child alone, depending on the country of your destination, it might be a good idea to get a signed notarized note from the other parent giving you permission to take your child out of country.  – The Pomegranate Mom

While there is no shortage of tips on the internet, I hope I saved you a little bit of work when looking for advice when flying with kids. But most of all, I hope you have an incredible trip with your littles. 

Do you have a tip for flying with kids that I didn’t include here?

15 Of The Internets Best Tips For Flying With Kids
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How To Stay Active While On Vacation

How To Stay Active While On Vacation

Most of us have been there. We go on vacation, or even an overnight stay in a hotel or campground or whatever the case may be, with every intention of working out. Whether it be hitting the gym, or going for a run, or climbing that mountain, or swimming laps in the pool. Then it hits you. The level of relax hit you that leaves you feeling lazy. So you do none of your plans.
I have this happen to me literally every time I go anywhere. I always have so many plans to stay active but I never end up doing them. I either realize how tired I really am or more likely, how lazy.
Despite all my great exercise plans falling through I’m still able to stay active.
The simplest way to stay active on vacation.
Is to walk.


Maui was the easiest place to stay active. I did so some small hikes while exploring waterfalls and rainforest. But,  mostly by exploring the town of Lahaina. Walking from our condo, down front street. Looking in the little shops. Being tourists. Just by doing this I was able to manage close to 20,000 steps a day.


Mexico was the most difficult travelling to date, at least in terms of staying active. But walking around the resort left me on average of 10,000 steps a day. Days where we did excursions my steps count doubled.


Jasper is where I often go hiking, so my steps are usually high when spending time in the National Park. But on the days where I don’t hike you can often find my lazy side coming out.  I can curb that by exploring the townsite.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas was where I actually discovered this gem of a trick. Walking up and down the strip and exploring the plethora of stores that are available for people to spend their winnings at.
Walking is one of the simplest, yet effective ways to stay active. Just by exploring the towns and doing retail therapy, or even window shopping, you can easily tack on some miles.
So next time you’re on vacation and you feel like your more like a lump on a log, instead of your active self, take a walk.

How To Stay Active While On Vacation
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How To Accept Your Role As A Step-Parent, My Journey

How To Accept Your Role As A Step-Parent, My Journey

I can’t be a parent, and I certainly can’t be a step-parent.

That was without a doubt my fear when walking into my relationship with my now husband. His son L was nearing his first birthday when we first got together. B, being the fantastic father that he is, kept us separate for a while. Wanting to make sure it was a sure thing before I was really part of L’s life.  He had 50/50 custody and I was living in another city at the time so it was relatively simple at first. It became obvious quickly that B and I were both “all in” and that L and I were going to need to meet on more than a passing basis.

I have known a few people who had a step-parent over the years. Most have relationships filled with animosity. People trying to replace their parents. people pretending they don’t exist. So I came up with some “ground rules.” I didn’t share them with anyone but myself but I had them there. – Keeping in mind I was 21 with not even a lot of babysitting experience. I have no idea what kids wanted or needed from a parent. –

  1. L was NEVER going to call me mom
  2. I was not going to take the role of the “active” parent

L had his own mom. He would call me Jenn. I also figured that by not being the “active parent”; I could rule out the resentment that I was sure would come into play later in life.

Things Changed

The first time I spent the night with B while L was there was interesting, for both of us. I woke up with L in the morning and let B sleep – come to think of it this is probably why B still doesn’t wake up to anything in the morning. – We approached the morning, and each other, cautiously. Ate some breakfast and watched some TV. We managed just fine if I do say so myself. We managed to carry on that type of relationship until December. That is when I moved into the step-parent role. 

Just 4 months after we got together, I had moved to town to be with B,  and we were technically living together, although we shared a house with his parents. I say technically because I was sort of in denial about the whole thing. December is when things started to change. The mother of all stomach flu hit the house. Somehow L and I were the only ones who weren’t sick!

This, of course, left me to take care of him while avoiding the vomity sickness. We bonded over cheese strings and Elmo.  Of course, everyone started to feel better and then L and I were sick, but if it wasn’t for that one awful flu L and I might have a very different relationship now.

Where we are now

I got pregnant with Big H a few weeks later and that quickly changed my outlook on being the active parent. How can I parent one child and not the other?  I still have my ground rules, but they’ve shifted a little with my perspective. 

L can call me whatever he wants. He chooses to call me Jenn. Occasionally he slips and calls me mom. That’s okay, sometimes he calls me Madame Mazur – his teacher – and I don’t read into that. I’m not trying to replace his mom, but it’s nice to know he is comfortable enough with me to acknowledge me as a mother figure. Step-parent is still a parent and he recognizes that.

L and I choose to love each other. That is love I will never have with Big or Litte H. I tell him that my love for them grew in my tummy, but my love for him grew in my heart. He is my Levi, and I am his Jenn.  Nothing is ever going to change that.

You need to add a widget, row, or prebuilt layout before you’ll see anything here. 🙂
How To Accept Your Role As A Step-Parent, My Journey
You need to add a widget, row, or prebuilt layout before you’ll see anything here. 🙂
How To Accept Your Role As A Step-Parent, My Journey
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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from my family to yours. I’ll be back mid-January with fresh content.

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Holiday Gift Guide Round-Up

Holiday Gift Guide Round-Up


All links have been shared with permission from the authors.

UPDATE: Great news! I’ve updated this post with new links for the 2018 Gift Guide Season!

If you’re anything like me, you just realized Christmas is less than a week away. I feel like it really snuck up on me this year. Maybe it is because school goes right until the 22nd, maybe because of the complete lack of snow. Maybe, I’m just not really feeling it this year. Regardless of the reason I, or even you, seemed to let the month of December slip right past you don’t worry; I am here to help. I have compiled a list of some of the best Gift Guide to help you with any last minute gift shopping that you have to do. Find some incredible gift ideas, and show some love to some fellow Canadian Bloggers.

While you’re here looking for gift suggestions, check out my review of the Jord Watch.


Practical by Default – Gift Guide For Teens

Jessica Foley – Gift Guide For Dancers


Mayahood Blog – 2018 Holiday Family Gift Guide & Giveaway



Completely Chelsea – Gift Ideas for the Beauty Guru

There’s A Shoe For That – Gift Ideas for Mom To Be

Raising Royalty – Gift Guide For Moms

Practical by Default – Gift Guide for the Working At Home Homeschool Mom




Mom In The Six – Toddler Stocking Stuffers


Lizzie Lau – Your Travel Lover Gift Guide – Uncommon Christmas Gifts

Delightful Adventures – Gift Ideas for Vegan Foodies


A Virtual Vegan – Amazing Gifts for Vegans


Powered by Mom – 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Suburban Tourist – She has a bunch of gift guides here

Mommy Gearest – Best 2018 Gift Guide


Whispered Inspirations – Holiday Gift Guide

2018 Holiday Gift Guide Round Up

Holiday Gift Guide Round-Up

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5 Stops On The Road to Hana You Won’t Want To Miss

5 Stops On The Road to Hana You Won’t Want To Miss

When we booked our trip to Maui this last year I immediately started planning. I like to have an itinerary, I do schedule “free time” so it’s not all go go go. But I like to have an idea of where we’re going when and what all we’re going to do. When I started planning this particular trip there was one thing that stuck out more than anything, that I most certainly want not going to miss out on. The Road to Hana.

Haipua’ena Falls

1 1/2 miles past the 10-mile marker
Small turnout on the far side of the bridge 

This waterfall is my favourite place that we stopped. It has a super small parking spot, two vehicles can fit there – if you’re lucky – so it is quiet. We were the only ones there when we saw it.

You have to walk about a 1/2 km to get to them but it’s worth it. I could have spent more time there easily. It was raining when I went but I think it would be a perfect place to do the once in a lifetime waterfall swim if the weather permitted.


The ocean is such a powerful being, isn’t she? Once nearly wiped out by a tsunami in 1946, the only thing left standing is an old stone church.

I could have stayed at this place all day long and not have been bored. The ocean beating against the lava rock, each wave unique. The water is rough and beautiful here. Definitely somewhere you don’t want to miss. There is a banana bread stand here as well, we didn’t try it but it rumoured to be as good as the next one. These are also washrooms available for you to use here.

Halfway to Hana

1/3 mile past 17-mile marker sign

Not long after the Ke’anae, you come across this little food stand. All we Aunty Sandy’s We stopped here and had the banana bread. Probably one of the best I have ever eaten. It was warm out of the oven and came in large pieces. They also have some fruit and sandwiches and things. If you’re hungry and you don’t have anything packed this is where I suggest you grab some snacks.

Upper Waikani Falls / Three Bears Falls

Between 19 and 20 mile marker

Drive around the corner and park in the parking lot at the top of the hill. Do not ignore the “no parking” signs. They are there for a reason. We witnessed a rather loud argument between some locals and some tourists.

Anyways. There is a perfectly good view from the road, that I was perfectly happy with. But I am glad I built up the nerve to take the trail down. I use the term trail loosely because you are climbing over some rather large rocks. Also, the “trailhead” is found by climbing over a bridge railing and has a bit of a drop. Never the less, if you are able to get down there you can really see the size and power of these beautiful falls.

Wai’anapanapa Black Sand Beach

My experience with beaches, having lived in a landlocked province my whole life, has been pretty non-existent so I was really excited about the black sand beach. It was busy but the views were incredible, and the black sand, unlike everything I had ever seen.

They have cabins and restrooms, showers and picnic tables. We were here for quite a while walking around, exploring the caves and again just watching the ocean. This was the only place I spotted a turtle, riding the waves.

The Road to Hana was a bucket list item for me and I don’t regret doing it at all. It makes for a long day with countless incredible views and things to look at. There wasn’t a dull moment the entire drive and there was no room for boredom. These are just my favourites along the way.

Have you followed the Road to Hana? What was your favourite stop along the way?

5 Stops On The Road to Hana You Won't Want To Miss
5 Stops On The Road to Hana You Won't Want To Miss


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