How To Stay Active While On Vacation

How To Stay Active While On Vacation

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Most of us have been there. We go on vacation, or even an overnight stay in a hotel or campground or whatever the case may be, with every intention of working out. Whether it be hitting the gym, or going for a run, or climbing that mountain, or swimming laps in the pool. Then it hits you. The level of relax hit you that leaves you feeling lazy. So you do none of your plans.
I have this happen to me literally every time I go anywhere. I always have so many plans to stay active but I never end up doing them. I either realize how tired I really am or more likely, how lazy.
Despite all my great exercise plans falling through I’m still able to stay active.
The simplest way to stay active on vacation.
Is to walk.


Maui was the easiest place to stay active. I did so some small hikes while exploring waterfalls and rainforest. But,  mostly by exploring the town of Lahaina. Walking from our condo, down front street. Looking in the little shops. Being tourists. Just by doing this I was able to manage close to 20,000 steps a day.


Mexico was the most difficult travelling to date, at least in terms of staying active. But walking around the resort left me on average of 10,000 steps a day. Days where we did excursions my steps count doubled.


Jasper is where I often go hiking, so my steps are usually high when spending time in the National Park. But on the days where I don’t hike you can often find my lazy side coming out.  I can curb that by exploring the townsite.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas was where I actually discovered this gem of a trick. Walking up and down the strip and exploring the plethora of stores that are available for people to spend their winnings at.
Walking is one of the simplest, yet effective ways to stay active. Just by exploring the towns and doing retail therapy, or even window shopping, you can easily tack on some miles.
So next time you’re on vacation and you feel like your more like a lump on a log, instead of your active self, take a walk.

How To Stay Active While On Vacation


Marna Altman

I actually find it much easier to stay active on vacation. For a few reasons; I usually go somewhere warm, I do not usually have a car, and I have more free time. On the flip side I usually eat and drink more. lol

This is perfect timing! I am going on trip later this week! I am going to keep these tips in mind as I am taking in some sun!

Allison Shorter

Yes! So true. It is hard to stay in a normal routine when we travel. Walking is so good for you, though!

Rianna Stavrides

My husband and I walk a lot when we travel. As much as possible we try not to rent a car. So aside from sightseeing, we get our exercise too! Great tips on every location, thanks for sharing! 🙂

Fantastic tips! Thank you for sharing and making sure we all behave!

We do a lot of exploring when we are on vacation, so I would say we stay active. When we went to Mexico, we visited Coba, and there are miles of walking to do between different parts of the ruins!

I actually find i am more active when I am on holiday. Not sure why but it seems easier to get out and active.

These are great ideas!!! I’ll definitely keep these in mind for our next vacay!

Laura Jafarkhani

Great tips! Now to plan a vacation!

I try to be creative when we travel. Sometimes it easier than others.

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