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I was so confident. I had drunk nothing but water for 6 weeks, I had done an exercise of some sort every single day, and I have tried to control my portions at meal times. I was going to step on that scale and see a big difference. My weight loss journey was finally going to show some results. 

I was ready. 

I was wrong.

I had actually gained 2 pounds. Luckily my grandmother was there to give me a tin of cookies to make me feel better – I never did eat them. – But when I sadly returned home my husband, so kindly, reminded me that muscle weighs more than fat. 

Even though I was losing fat, I was gaining muscle,  specifically in my legs -thank you squats. – This is when I decided to take a different tactic when it came to measuring my weight loss.

Throw Away The Scale

Not literally, unless you are comfortable with that, but at least stop being chained to it. The scale is one thing. Your weight; and while that is a part of being healthy it is not alone in. 

Your weight fluctuates day by day, and even hour by hour. If you don’t weigh yourself under the exact same circumstances every day there is no real way to guarantee accurate results. 

If you must keep weighing yourself, try to do it once a week at most. 

Take Measurements

While this is something best done by a second person, to get the most accurate results possible, they are a great way to put a number on weight – fat – loss.

These numbers also can very be based on different circumstances, so try to make sure you.

  1. Measure in the same place
  2. Do it at the same time of day – preferably first thing in the morning, before any potential bloating sets in.
  3. Don’t measure after a workout, when your muscles can be a bit swollen. 

Benchmark Outfit

You always see the weight loss commercials where someone is standing on one leg of the pants they used to use. This is very similar. 

Pick an outfit that you started out in. Keep trying it on and watch it get looser and looser. Any time you feel like you’re not seeing results, try it on and see if you can see a difference. You may not be standing in one leg like those viral images, but you can probably notice a losser fit.

Goal Outfit

That outfit you’ve always wanted to wear, buy it. Keep looking at it as motivation. With some hard work and dedication, you will be able to rock it in no time. Then it won’t matter what the scale says.

Feel It

This is my biggest and most important note – one I would do well to remember – instead of focusing on what the scale says, or what the tape measure says to think about how you feel. Even the little things. Maybe you’re a little less tired then you used to be. Maybe you can walk up a flight of stairs easier than you used to be able to. I promise there is something, some non-scale-victory somewhere. a win is a win, and those my friends are definitely wins. 


Scales are probably going to disappoint you more than encourage you. Weight loss is not a straight downward line on the graph. It moves up and down and laterally at times. Add to this that your ideal body weight may not be your ideal body shape. 160 lbs of fat will look very different than 160 lbs of muscle. Your height, your shape, and your muscle will play such important roles in your weight, more so than any number on the scale. 

What To Do When Your Weight Loss Doesn't Show On The Scale


I agree that you should focus on how you feel and not the number on the scale. Being healthy looks and feels different to everyone, so take pride in those small accomplishments and know that if you keep working towards your goals, your small accomplishments will turn into big ones!

Thanks so much

How bad is it that I didn’t realize that muscle weighs more than fat?! Taking measurements is a great idea! I also like the idea of a goal outfit! Great motivation! I will do well to remember the small victories! Great post!

Thanks so much! Yes, 1 pound of fat vs a pound of muscle and the mass is significantly different.

Ugh I had this happen this morning.

Regroup and move on!

I think disregarding the scale is best advice. You should focus more on how much better you are feeling, your energy level, that your clothes are fitting nicer… all while making yourself healthier as you hopefully do it the right way.

Yessssss. Ugh. I totally need to throw away the scale and take measurements instead. I have been doing Insanity and I can tell I’m getting slimmer, but the number has stayed the same or even increased!! I’ve been frustrated at this very thing!

I hear ya! It’s easier said than done for sure.

Thank you!! Sometimes it easier to hear this from someone who “feels the same way” instead of a trainer or nutritionist. Great ideas to stay on track.

They mean well, but it’s absolutely easier to hear it from a peer going through a similar thing.

This is so helpful! I’m about to start a 30-day thing with some friends and this is just what I needed to read, thank you!

My weight hasn’t changed much, but I have noticed more nonscale wins.

Non-scale wins are some of the biggest wins

This is great advice! I recently lost 65 pounds from a surgery. I didn’t choose to lose this weight or try. And it’s so true that the weight isn’t the point. I have the smllest number I have ever seen on a scale in my adult years, but I’m bony, have skin and flab in weird places, and am tired. I’m working on gaining muscle and exercising because I am finally healed from the surgery and have some energy back. People are appalled that I want to GAIN weight – but I want to LOOK and FEEL great! Not lose more pounds. Its so much more than a number. It took a really traumatic experience for me to realize that, but I’m glad I learned it for future reference. 😉

You are absolutely right, unfortunate you had to go through that experience. Focusing on your health and putting on the right kind of weight in the future.

This is helpful info! i don’t diet myself but i try to live a healthy lifestyle

I threw the scale out earlier this year. For some reason I just can not shake the weight so now I just do my workouts, eat right and make friends with the rolls :-p

I love the idea of a *goal* outfit. It could be one that you treat yourself to or one in your closet ; ))

I love the idea of a benchmark outfit. It’s so important not to get too hung up on the scale because weight is so finicky and as your working out you gain muscle too while losing fat. I just was able to buy a smaller pant size and it feels great.

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