15 Of The Internets Best Tips For Flying With Kids
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My love of travelling has clearly been passed onto my children. They often sit and dream with me and their wanderlust is inspiring. We always try to take two vacations in a year, one just the adults and one as a family. – Try being the operative word – The adults tend to fly and explore the “better” parts of the world, like Maui. With the family, we tend to stay a little more local while exploring places like Drumheller, and Fairmont. But lately, we’ve been looking are more extravagant trips, ones where we have to option of flying with kids.

When L was 3, and Big H was 18 months we did fly cross country with them to Newfoundland. So it has been a hot minute, to say the least; 5 years almost to the date actually. My knowledge of flying with kids was slim to almost none, but I remember scouring the internet looking for blogs with some sort of insight on how to make this flight, bearable, maybe even fun.

After considering a few different trip options I found my way circling back to the exact same steps I took all those years ago. This time I am writing them down, and sharing them with you, so you don’t have to do the same. The blogging community is extremely helpful, no each other and the rest of the world; and these ladies were happy to share their best tips.


If you are traveling halfway around the world, chances are you will purchase a plane ticket for a short “hop” across the globe. In this case, book a seat that is positioned right next to a bassinet connection. This is really practical, especially because the strollers are typically too bulky for planes. – Pink Heart String

This really depends on your seat assignment, airline, and gate agent. But it’s definitely worth a shot asking for pre-boarding permission. Just put on a big smile and have your toddler use his best puppy dog eyes! – Bash and Company


A lightweight stroller that folds up small is my absolute number one for travelling with a baby or a toddler. Firstly it means you can easily manoeuvre through the airport and should your toddler need a nap that’s sorted, too. You have a place to hang your bag and store your shopping until you get to the plane. – Scandi Mummy

One mistake many parent’s make is not allowing their child to run free inside the airport before a flight.  Instead of trapping them in a stroller or putting them in a carrier, consider letting them be the boss.  Let them run down the hall, climb a few chairs, or challenge them to a game that involves them moving around.  One game idea would be to have them go find as many airplanes as they can out of the windows.  The idea is to burn down the energy BEFORE the flight! – Big Brave Nomad

In case you’re delayed at the airport, your little one is going stir crazy at a restaurant or if you need a break one afternoon during the trip, a variety of distractions are key. When we fly with kids we bring Lego,sticker books, activity books (with washable markers), mini puzzles and magic colouring books . – The Professional Mom Project

During The Flight

We usually try flying red-eyes if it is a trip that takes longer than 6 hours! This is personal preference but in our experience gives us a sure bet that at some point the said-child will fall asleep, making life A LOT easier for mom and dad. – Chasing Sacred

BRING SNACKS. Lots of snacks. And rethink your normal diaper bag. When flying with toddlers, I used to use a small underseat bag for my flying “diaper bag” that had not only both kids’ diapers and a couple full changes of clothes, plus all their meds (my kids had lots of prescriptions for thrush, eczema, eczema-related heavy-duty diaper rashes, etc.), BUT ALSO enough snacks to last them a full day’s worth of meals if needed. Airport food is not toddler-friendly, in my experience. – Super Mom Hacks

Kids can be just as impatient and curious as adults. If you keep them updated throughout the trip they will be less likely to be cranky and upset about the traveling. For example, you can tell them that we only have this much time left and then we will be there! – The Flying Couponer

Whenever I travel, I always set my watch to the local time when I get on the plane. Now while I don’t try to force my toddler to sleep when they don’t want to on a plane, let’s face it all you want to do is keep your toddler happy when flying but I always like to know where we are. I can then work out at what arrival time my toddler has napped on the plane and it helps me know roughly when she is likely to need to have a sleep when we land. – Wandermust Family

You probably will agree with this, that children love new toys. The old may not interest that much. So, surprise them with a toy, that you know that they will like and see 40-50 minutes go easily. Make stories with the new toy so that children remain engrossed and interested. – Kreative Mommy

Bring lots of food. I have found that a Tootsie Pop is good for sucking on during take off and landing to help with ears popping. Gel window clings are good entertainment. Cozyphone headphones are the best. – Diapers and Donuts

Toddlers may get a little cranky when tired, here are a few things to calm them down (besides food): a favorite plush toy, a book or two, & calming music. – Mama Latina Tips

Health and Saftey

Sickness happens at the worst times, especially on germ-packed international flights. Bring elderberry syrup, Tylenol, cold meds, stomach meds and cough meds for your little and also pack some Airborne or Emergency C and some daily vitamins for you and your spouse. There were so many germs on our trip, so we ate vitamin C like candy. Worked like a charm! – Pretty Persuasions

Get travel insurance that allows for escorted travel if your child or you are hospitalized. – Beauty and the Bump

Today many countries are very sensitive to the possibility of child abduction and trafficking so if you plan to travel with your child alone, depending on the country of your destination, it might be a good idea to get a signed notarized note from the other parent giving you permission to take your child out of country.  – The Pomegranate Mom

While there is no shortage of tips on the internet, I hope I saved you a little bit of work when looking for advice when flying with kids. But most of all, I hope you have an incredible trip with your littles. 

Do you have a tip for flying with kids that I didn’t include here?

15 Of The Internets Best Tips For Flying With Kids


Ashley Allen

I love these!! I’m saving this to my pinterest board for some great reminders next time I fly with the kiddos. There are a lot of good tips I never thought about!

Thanks for pinning!

Krystal Miller

I never had a lot of luck flying with my kids as babies. We actually haven’t flown anywhere in about 5 years. We will always use travel insurance now too!

These are all really good tips! I used to travel with my 6 and 5 year olds and my 1 year old baby. It was an overwhelming time and now looking back (10 years later) I can’t believe I had the guts to do it! 🙂

Ariana Dagan

Great collection of tips! Bookmarking for later, taking my child on her first plane ride in a couple months and will definitely refer back to these! Thanks for putting it together!

I love this list! So many are things I wouldn’t have thought to bring for entrainment, like gel window clings! Snacks are a must, for sure!

Tiffany Barry

These tips are gold! I have actually never flown myself either, so I’ve been terrified to do it for the first time with kids, too.

That’s how my sister in law feels right now!

Ah, what awesome tips! I’m dreading inconveniencing other passengers when I take my moo on her first flight 🙈

I was too, but most decent people are going to be understanding.

Thank you for these tips. We’ve been contemplating taking the kids on a flight. But I have definitely been fearful.

Carmela (Bellissimamma)

My family likes to travel and we flew with our toddler boys 5-6 times over the past couple of years. It never gets any easier! But in spite of the difficulties of plane travel and travel in general, we don’t regret the memories we have made together. Yes, bring lots of snacks (as well as drinking water)! Check with the airports if they have a play area for kids! The best one I have been to so far is in the Zurich Airport in Switzerland. They have an amazing play area there. I also like the one in the Manila Airport in the Philippines.

These are wonderful travel suggestions n

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