Fairmont Hot Springs, 5 Things that make it a perfect escape
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Fairmont Hot Springs is a small town in British Columbia. While they do have year-round residents, the number of timeshares and rentals available are abundant. Despite being a small town it does have plenty to keep you busy while visiting, whether in town or within a short driving distance. We spent a week there in June 2018, and there was plenty to do, we were never left bored.
Fairmont Hot Springs, 5 Things that make it a perfect escape
Fairmont Hot Springs, 5 Things that make it a perfect escape

The Resort and RV Park

The Resort and campground are a-joined and they both have plenty to offer. The camp group gave my kids lots of room to ride their bikes and play at the playground. – Big H even taught himself to ride a two-wheeler. – The hotel itself has an excellent restaurant. And they both boast beautiful mountain views. You also get a discount on entry to the hot springs. When staying in Fairmont this is where you want to stay.

The Hot Springs

The town is named aptly, as they are known for their Hot Springs. A big beautiful pool, 3 actually with a lap pool, a dive tank and a “hot pool”. If you’re staying at the resort you have access to a more private smaller pool as well. These Hot springs are the largest in Canada and have been around for over 100 years. They are drained nightly and filled every morning (during peak months) and they an absolute joy to soak in. The water is full of minerals that do great things for your body as well.

Activity and Experience Center

Also at the hot springs resort offer daily activities for kids and families. They also have rentals for those who may be interested, and day camps for the kids during the summer month.

HooDoo Mountain

This a relatively short hike, 3 km round trip, just a short drive from Fairmont. The walk itself does have a few steeper section but nothing too strenuous. We did it as a family, including my mother in law who suffers from lupus, and my 5, 7, and 1 year old(stroller)sons. We also had two small dogs, one of which is a senior. The trail is well marked. Well travelled and the parking lot is large so no excuses! The views at the top are worth it anyways.


Invermere is not far from Fairmont and it itself has a ton to offer. We made a drive here a couple of times to restock on some groceries, and to sneak in some ice cream while the kids were with their grandparents. While not actually part of Fairmont it is worth making the journey.
As you can see there are tons to do in the area, even more, when you drive to the nearby towns. Miles and miles of potential hiking, tons of wildlife and the panoramic mountain views are certainly nothing to complain about.
Have you spent any time in  Fairmont Hot Springs? Let me know your favourite part below.


Rianna Stavrides

I just spent my morning trying to look for places to take my 3-year old for his birthday this year. I want to be away and just have private time with my family. I wish we live close to here cause this would be perfect. Adding this to my list though for “someday”. 🙂

Lynn Armstrong

I’ve always wanted to experience a hot spring! Sounds a little scary, but I’m so excited to try it some day! You gave such wonderful recommendations! I’ll have to write these ideas on the list.

What a fun trip!! Hot springs are on our list this summer!

Mama Writes Reviews

I’ve visited a few other hot springs in my travels. They are really interesting spots and they’re fun to visit.

Aditi Wardhan Singh

I’ve never visited hot springs. This would be so much fun.

Sounds like a fun trip. I haven’t been there before.

Cool! I have to schedule a trip there!

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