Four Reasons Why TeeBall Was Good For My Son
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When I was growing up we didn’t do sports. I remember swimming lessons, a year of gymnastics, and my brothers played a bit of hockey or football. My husband was much the same, a little bit but nothing to carry forward, and nothing to encourage him to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. We are, determined that would not be the case with our own children. So when Levi was three we registered him into soccer, the only sport available for that age. He loved it for the first year, after that he quickly lost interest. At that point, we put him in TeeBall.

TeeBall was the way to this boys heart. From the very first time he hit the ball off the tee, he was sold. There was no looking back. All winter he checks to see if the snow has melted;  because he knows that when spring comes baseball starts again.

It is March, which means spring is technically right around the corner. I say technically because where I live the snow often falls well into May. However, spring brings baseball to this household. Levi is obsessed, much like Hunter love of hockey.

Levi has now finished two years of TeeBall and has now moved on to the next level of the league, known as Rookie. While I am not sure what the coaching or skill level difference there will be between the two here is what we loved about TeeBall.


Working together to achieve a common goal is a lifelong skill that everyone needs to have. While at the TeeBall there is no score keeping it is still a team sport. They work together, and there is the “no man left behind” spirit when they make sure everyone gets a chance at each position.


They are going to learn how to play the game regardless of what age they start playing. But, in TeeBall they learn how to hit a ball without it flying at their face. Fear of getting hit in the face is exactly why I still flinch and often cower when a ball is flying my direction. – I probably look ridiculous flinching every time the ball even comes in the general direction of the stands – Towards the end of his second year, they started to try it without the tee, which will be an advantage in the next season.

The very first time Levi hit the ball off the tee he didn’t have a clue what to do, when he finally started running he brought the bat with him. This was a similar story for nearly every kid on his team. By the end of the season, you would never know they were the same kids, their skill level and knowledge had increased so much.


We have one local minor ball tournament a year. Each team plays the other local teams in the same division. It is one jam-packed baseball filled day. They don’t keep score in our local TeeBall league but that doesn’t stop the fun. It gives them a great idea of what to expect when they move on to the next divisions where they do keep score. At the end of the tournament, they hand out medals to all the teams. I am not a huge fan of “participation medals.” I am, however, a huge fan of anything to keeps kids interested. As they don’t keep score the kids play hard all day and they earn their medals in the most basic of ways.

More on my views of participation medals coming soon!

Last but the most important:


If you can find a sport or activity that your kids love you will not have to fight with them to participate.  It took two years before we found TeeBall. When we did it was clear that it was a sport he wanted to play year after year. When it comes to practice he is waiting at the door ready to go.  That being said if the time comes in which he wants to try something else he will absolutely be given the chance.

At the end of the day, the only thing I really care about is that my children are happy. Baseball makes him happy and is one of the few things that can him smile like this:

What age did you put your kids into organized sports?


Four Reasons Why TeeBall Was Good For My Son
four reasons to sign your child up for teeball



We were in every sport as kids but our son had no interest. One day he came home and asked to take ice skating lessons. Now he is all into hockey.

Cammeo Murray

Thanks for sharing! We’ve been thinking about signing up our 4 yr old for tee ball this summer and sounds like it’s def worth it!

This is great advice. My son isnt old enough for team sports yet, but I was debating what to put him in. Teeball sounds like a good one

Lisa | amerytina

I totally agree with you! My husband and I weren’t into sports and I wish the total opposite for my kiddo. My goal is to put him in soccer at 4, but I want him to enjoy it for sure!

That’s so sweet of you to have him play what he loves!!!

We started tball last year, and completely agree with you! My older kids (6 and 5) love it and look forward to playing it. My daughter asked over and over at the end of last season, ‘When is the next game going to be?!’ They made great friends, learned the feel of being on a team, having fun while learning the game, and having the chance to ‘win’. First games this weekend, and we are more than excited over here!:)

Ariel |

Awesome! We are firm believers in extracurriculars also! My daughter used to be in dance, and we are currently exploring the option of karate! I believe that kids need an outlet just as much as adults do, and I love that we are able to do so for our children!

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