February Goals

February Goals

Better late than never right? Maybe these February goals should be to get my posts written and posted when I originally intended to.

January has come and gone, and if you’re with me on this monthly goal setting changed then you know it is time to set your February goals now. Regardless of any potential failure on your January goals, these monthly goals give you the opportunity to reflect tone adjust and reset as necessary. Without some sort of accomplishment, you will always fail. That is why I am always preaching small achievable goals.

If you’re looking for fitness goals, they can be found here.

Let’s look into last months goals

Read a book
Last months I set the goal to read a book. A book that will make me learn something, or a classic. Under the suggestion of a reader, I went with Linda Blair’s book, Birth Order. This book gave me a  surprising outlook on how our birth order influences everything from our personalities to the type of partner we choose and even our careers. I was surprised, that not only do my kids, Levi specifically, matches his “birth order description” almost to a tee; but also that my own personality matches a combination of both middle (which I am) as well as oldest and surprisingly the only. This is probably due to the 7-year age gap between my older brother as well as the fact that I am the only girl in the family.
After successfully meeting this goal, I hope to continue it and I have already started on a second. Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers.
I also completed a goal that I didn’t put into writing. I set up my Facebook Page! Please stop by and give it a like!
Happy to report that I completed my goals for January; I am now ready to dive into February goals.

Stop Procrastinating

If we look at the fact that this post is already 4 days late, you will see not only have I already failed this goal, but I have also every reason to set it. I should possibly set my goal to be to limit my procrastination, but I am going to attempt to stop it all together. This should, in theory, allow me to finish everything I want and need to do, and give me the same amount of, if not more, time afterwards to do what I please to do. This should also allow me to enjoy this time even more than normal because I will have a sense of accomplishment having completed all my so-called tasks.

That’s it for my February goals. Have you set yours for the month yet? If so what are they? What do you think of my goals for the month?

Set your February goals
Set your February goals
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