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January Fitness Goals

January Fitness Goals

New year, new you. Isn’t that the age-old adage? January brings a fresh group of people to the gym with a focus on their resolutions to get fit or lose some weight. People always seem to use new years as the time to set their fitness goals.  As the year goes on more and more of these people seem to drift away, until you are left with the dedicated people, most of whom have been doing this for years, with a few newbies with a fresh new dedication to their life.

I am the latter.

I have learned the key over the years to keep your resolutions and meeting your goals, fitness or otherwise. Start off small. There are not many things that are a fulfilling as hitting a goal. Just like crossing something off a list, or checking of something off the to-do list. Satisfying.

If you’re looking for lifestyle goals, they can be found here.

January I have one goal.

Stay Active While on Vacation

Lucky (for more than one reason) for me I am going to Maui. Hawaii has to be one of the most active places on this planet. Surfing. Yoga. Paddleboarding. Hiking. Swimming. I actually don’t anticipate a whole lot of problem with this one. However, vacation is one of those times where mentally, and often physically, you don’t want to do anything. You are there to relax.

My goal is to stay active and try to find new ways to do that. Maybe I give paddleboarding a try. Maybe I will find my love for swimming again. I definitely will be taking a run on the beach that everyone is always raving about. I have my eye on a few hikes and plenty of walking. I’m sure that with every word I type my husbands dream of a nice relaxing beach vacation drift further and further away.


January is a promising time for most people, with their newfound dedication to fitness, or whatever their goals end up being. Start with a small goal, and together in February we will grow from there. What are your fitness goals for the month? Or, if you have already made them, what are your fitness goals for the year?

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January Goals

January Goals

With school returning today, it became clear that I must also return to reality. No more will there be sleeping in and staying up late. Back to regularly scheduled programming, for a couple of weeks until I fly off to Maui anyways. January brings a not only a new month but also, a new year. With a new year comes new goals. Not a new me, but a time to refocus on, and reaffirm what your goals are for the upcoming year. However, I believe that new years resolutions are bound to fail so I will only make one this year. To make monthly goals.

The first Monday of the month, pending holidays and other lifelong distractions, will be the day in which I make my monthly personal goals. As this is the first Monday, that is not right in the middle of a school break and is not also a holiday here we are.

If you’re looking for fitness goals, they can be found here.

For January I thought it best to start off small. It’s quite a busy month for our upcoming holidays, school, and hockey and just life in general. I don’t want to set myself up to fail.

Read a book

This might sound relatively simple because I’ve already finished one book and I’m on to a second, but those are easy to read novels. But, when I say read I book I’m talking about a classic or educational novel. Last year I read 25 books, only one of those was something that actually made me think. I love to lose myself in a novel, usually with a glass of wine in a bath, but I also love to read books that I can talk about and learn from. Last year I read a book by Graham Hancock and loved it.

I’m not sure which yet so if you have any suggestions I am happy to hear them. I’d also love to hear your New Years goals.

January goals

January goals

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