Holiday Gift Guide Round-Up

Holiday Gift Guide Round-Up

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If you’re anything like me, you just realized Christmas is less than a week away. I feel like it really snuck up on me this year. Maybe it is because school goes right until the 22nd, maybe because of the complete lack of snow. Maybe, I’m just not really feeling it this year. Regardless of the reason I, or even you, seemed to let the month of December slip right past you don’t worry; I am here to help. I have compiled a list of some of the best Gift Guide to help you with any last minute gift shopping that you have to do. Find some incredible gift ideas, and show some love to some fellow Canadian Bloggers.

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Holiday Gift Guide Round-Up


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A party just for baby.

My baby shower was this past weekend. Many people have them before the baby is born but I personally feel it is bad luck. Call me superstitious, or whatever you will, I heard that once when I was younger and it has stuck with me ever since. It also doesn’t hurt to have a wonderful baby for everyone to snuggle while watching the mom open gifts.

My best friend Maranda threw it, it was supposed to be a woodland animal theme. The room, however, that was rented did not allow balloons in it, and I am assured that the theme would have been loud and clear with them. Not that it matters, it was a wonderful party where H.D. and I were spoiled.

Untitled design (3)

My friend Brittany, and go to cake baker, made a WONDERFUL cake. Not that I am surprised at all, they are always delicious but she really outdid herself this time. This was Levis favourite part of course, and he was quite upset when the leftovers came home for daddy and not for him. But his birthday is quickly approaching :(, and he will have plenty of cake then.


Hunter helped me open each and every gift, while Levi enjoyed his cake, and it was clear what his favorite was so we will let him choose for H.D. This blanket that was beautifully made by their Baba Teri. It is Avengers theme, which matches his coming home blanket. It has quickly become a house favorite as it moves around from his bouncer to his swing, to his car seat, and back again. She also gifted us another, that will be used heavily in his nursery when colder weather hits. Baba always makes beautiful blankets and we have quite a collection of them, but they will be cherished for years.

My favorite is hard to pick; because I got so many wonderful gifts for H.D. and me, both pre and post baby. While I am usually a sucker for homemade things, and would be really torn between this and a collection of items we received from Blayne’s Aunt and cousins (bibs, hat, blanket, soother clip, and two pairs of these wonderful pants- all hand made,) I am going to have to choose this.


This balloon, along with flowers that he picked himself, were from Hunter. He is really the most thoughtful little boy. He also picked out a Happy Birthday balloon for H.D. and insisted on making a birthday cake in honor of the special occasion. He proudly brought me this balloon, along with H.D.s when he came to meet his baby brother. It is one, that while deflating, is still sitting beside my bed, and I will keep it forever in a special memory box.

My favorite moment, besides the cake, was when Levi expressed his concern that H.D. didn’t get a birthday party. It took a moment because he hasn’t had a “birthday” yet, but I discovered that he meant for when he turned zero.  To a concerned big brother, that deserved a birthday party. I quickly explained that this was, in fact, his party for turning zero, so no need to worry. This seemed to alleviate his fears and he returned to his cake. I told you it was his favorite part.

Maranda also did something very special, she asked everyone to write a letter to H.D. for him to be given on his 18th birthday. At 18 – that seems so very far away – he may not appreciate it as much as I do now, but this emotional mamma was extremely touched. I have yet to read them because I know there will be more tears than I am prepared for at the moment, but I know how special they will be. I plan to help Levi and Hunter write their own letters, encourage Blayne, and of course write my own to add to it. That is also a task these tear filled eyes are not quite ready for.

Another thing I really enjoyed was that instead of cards, I received books with a note inside. I still have a stack of cards from Hunter’s baby shower that I not sure what to do with so this was super great. My favorite were the three books from Maranda, which were actually her books when she was little. Runner-up would have to be Love you Forever by Robert Munch from my friend Geri. But I do love them all, there are so many that I haven’t read before that I am excited to share with all three boys, not just H.D.

That was the highlights of my shower, there were so many wonderful people, gifts, and moments that I could gush about. I truly love and appreciate every single one.

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