Period Underwear, Why It Has To Be In Your Daughters Wardrobe.

Period Underwear, Why It Has To Be In Your Daughters Wardrobe.

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**Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Knixteen. All opinions, however, are mine and uninfluenced.**

I remember being in Junior High and living in fear and excitement for my first period. Most of my friends had gotten it already, and I was anxious to join the “woman” club. But, I was also terrified that I would get my period and be completely unprepared. Fast forward to High School, after I had already accepted my period as my least favourite part of being a female. When my biggest fear was that I would get it unannounced. Even now, as an adult, of often deal with situations where the possibility of leakage is high.

Enter Period underwear.

What Are Period Underwear?

Period underwear has been taking the feminine hygiene market by storm. Essentially it is underwear, with a built-in panty liner. It can save you all the embarrassment of a leak or a sudden period. Without the uncomfortableness of wearing a pantyliner all the time. As an adult, with more experience with these problems than I care to admit. Remembering dealing with these when I was a teen is humiliating.

Thanks to period underwear, this problem is estimated. Thanks to Knixteen Boyshorts it is no longer an issue for your teen. No more sitting in class or in the days before getting surprised. Never again worry about a leak while waiting desperately for the bell to ring, and any after the fact spotting in gym class, never an issue.

Knixteen’s Boyshort

Knixteen’s Boyshorts were created so that your period never has to stop you from doing things again. They offer back up protection against leaks, odour, and moisture, so you don’t ever have to worry again. They are made out of moisture-wicking material, which helps keep you dry and fresh. much like your activewear underwear. Their underwear is specifically designed with the teen in mind, in junior sizing – but don’t worry they have adult Knix as well.

As much as their product is perfect for teens, their “share bag” feature is something that I think all sites should utilize. It is boasted as a way to share your cart with your parents, as most teens do not have access to a credit card to place an order, but it can just as easily work both ways.

Period talk was, and still is, so uncomfortable for me; and the last person I would want to talk to is my parents. If my mother would even dare to bring up the word I would turn bright red and stutter and stammer while walking out of the room. – not much has changed, to be honest. – But, by being able to share this through email you potentially remove the awkwardness and puts it into a setting where teens are much more comfortable talking. They have glued to the phones anyways, utilize it to get around any potentially awkward conversations.

Parent or child, teen or adult, period underwear is something that can and should be a staple in every girl’s underwear drawer.

Have you ever tried period underwear? What did you love about them?



I have never tried them, but thinking my daughter might want to give them a try!

They have them for adults as well.

I had no idea this existed!! Thank you for sharing… I have two 8 year olds that might need these in a couple years.

This is a really great idea! I got my period while staying with a friend out of town and I was completely unprepared and embarrassed to ask her mom for anything. I definitely could have used these!

That is unfortunate 🙁 I remember feeling shame when I asked a friends mom because she made a big deal about me being unprepared. Assuming I had it for years already.

This is awesome. If only I had girls i would definitely get a few. I wish there were postpartum type. It would be really great.

They may have them on their adult site, I am not sure. But you’re right this would be fantastic for that.

I’ve never heard of them, but this is something I’ll try to remember about in 10ish year for my daughter. Hopefully, by then it’ll be more well known.

This is so good to know! I had a lot of disasters as a teen, and it was just awful. I have two daughters and I want to spare them the same embarrassment. This sounds like a great product!

I wish we lived in a world where this wasn’t embarrassing.

This sounds so convenient and helpful! Thanks for sharing.

Boo who 😢. This makes me so sad bc my girls are 7 and 8 and I’m afraid when the time comes. It’s good to know that they have these out there but I’m just not ready. Hopefully they’ll still be around bc both are active athletes and will need them. Thanks for the post.

I can see these being especially helpful for athletes.

Heather @ A Life In Labor

I didn’t even know this was a thing! Good to know!

This is such a great idea! I had no idea this even existed. I might have to pick up a few pairs for all the women I know… Is that a weird gift?!

Not at all!

My mom never spoke to me about periods and when mine arrived I legit thought I was dying so I made sure my daughter knew and was prepared for when it happen.

I use cloth pads which are kind of similar so I’ve thought about getting something like this for my kids in the next couple of years! I feel like it would be easier than cloth pads since that is washing two things instead of one.

Flossie McCowald

Honestly, I’ve never even HEARD of these! But they sound fabulous!!! My daughters will def love to have something like this when it’s time!

Chelsea Padgett

I’ve tried a different brand, and I obsessed with them. They are so comfortable. Such a great alternative.

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