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**Disclaimer: I received this product for free from Jord watches in exchange for 
social media and blog posts. All opinions, however, are mine and uninfluenced.**

My father in law got married last fall and I was lucky enough to be part of the wedding party. I had a dress, shoes, earrings, necklace, rings, and a beautiful shawl. I even had a watch. Except, my watch was actually my Fitbit, and while it matched the colour it didn’t really suit the occasion.

That was when I came to the conclusion that I needed to get a “dress” watch for just such an occasion. That is when Jord came into the picture. I had been eying them up for a while, their unmistakable beauty at a more than reasonable price point made them a perfect addition to my jewellery box.

Their options are seemingly endless and each just as or more beautiful than the last, and so the hardest part was probably trying to decide on which one to get. I ended up with the gorgeous Zebrawood Emerald square face watch from their Reese collection.

Let’s just take a moment and talk about the box this came in.  This is an intricately built wooden box that is something to be appreciated. Complete with a bottom pull out drawer to store your polishing cloth. But we’re not here to talk about the box.

The watch is… wow.


The square face is emerald coloured and is a classic, is stylish, and the fold numbering is easy to read. There is a slight texture on the face which can be distracting. I frequently thought it was a plastic protective layer I forgot to pull off. Overall, I believe it is just something I needed to get used to.


The band is flawlessly put together in a lightweight manner, not at all heavy. Knowing it was made of wood, this was my fear. The zebra wood is unique, making each an every piece different and therefore no two-time pieces are the same. The links are a larger than average, making the band a little looser than I would prefer but a size smaller would be too tight I believe.


The clasp was a huge seller to me. Due to the fact that I am extremely uncoordinated, I can’t manage most clasps.  This one, however, was simple and I was able to do it one-handed. It is a double fold so it is secure, but still easy to do.


This is a conversation piece. When we went to my husbands Christmas party I had at least a half-dozen people ask about my watch. All of them with admiration. Perfect for dressing up for a night out, or even for dressing down on a night in. You could wear this any day of the week, and have it blend with any attire.

Check out the Men’s line, the Women’s Line, or take a closer look at my watch, get 25% off your order; and make sure to let me know your favourite in the comments down below.


Wooden Wrist Watch




I have seen the Jord watch on so many Christmas Gift Guides! It is good to read why it is so highly reccommended. I love that it is lightweight and the emerald color!


I’m in love with the colour!

Oh that’s a gorgeous watch! I love everything about it. The color is so pretty and unusual for a watch.


It is certainly unique, just one of the many things I love about it.

Nicole Anderson | Camping for Women

There is no doubting this looks so good and would be likely to last a very long time. Very classy and obviously a quality product as well as being attractive. No wonder you got lots of comments on it.


Yes, this is a watch that will never go out of style.


It is a lovely watch. I enjoy a piece that can go with so many things. And it is good to know it is so well made.

The craftsmanship is incredible.

Stretchy Mummy

This is my first introduction to the brand, I often feel that jewellery is too heavy or feels like a burden so this sounds like its right up my alley! How do you think it would stand up to housework/children if worn everyday?
I wish you had some more close up photos.

Thanks for letting me know about the pictures. They should be included in the post now! I am really impressed with this watch. I have worn it around the house and town chasing my three busy boys around and haven’t had any issues. I have taken it off for showing and dishes but that is it!

The Cinnamon Mom

I love how a nice watch can really complete an outfit. Thanks for a great recommendation!

It certainly can tie everything together. Thanks for reading.

Beautiful watch! It’s amazing how accessories can easily make or break an outfit.

Yes, and I had the worst tan line if I took off my old watch for the wedding I didn’t know what to do.

Mama Writes Reviews

I haven’t worn a watch in years! I need to find a nice one.


I am a new watch lover lol. I think these look beautiful!

They are truly remarkable.

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