January Goals
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With school returning today, it became clear that I must also return to reality. No more will there be sleeping in and staying up late. Back to regularly scheduled programming, for a couple of weeks until I fly off to Maui anyways. January brings a not only a new month but also, a new year. With a new year comes new goals. Not a new me, but a time to refocus on, and reaffirm what your goals are for the upcoming year. However, I believe that new years resolutions are bound to fail so I will only make one this year. To make monthly goals.

The first Monday of the month, pending holidays and other lifelong distractions, will be the day in which I make my monthly personal goals. As this is the first Monday, that is not right in the middle of a school break and is not also a holiday here we are.

If you’re looking for fitness goals, they can be found here.

For January I thought it best to start off small. It’s quite a busy month for our upcoming holidays, school, and hockey and just life in general. I don’t want to set myself up to fail.

Read a book

This might sound relatively simple because I’ve already finished one book and I’m on to a second, but those are easy to read novels. But, when I say read I book I’m talking about a classic or educational novel. Last year I read 25 books, only one of those was something that actually made me think. I love to lose myself in a novel, usually with a glass of wine in a bath, but I also love to read books that I can talk about and learn from. Last year I read a book by Graham Hancock and loved it.

I’m not sure which yet so if you have any suggestions I am happy to hear them. I’d also love to hear your New Years goals.

January goals

January goals


I use to read ALL THE TIME! and then I had kids and I cannot for the life of me get enough brain power to focus on anything other than the bachelor or other mindless reality tv! This is something I’d love to get into again. Thanks for reminding me

I used to love to read and now I struggle getting through books. This is actually my first year not setting new years goals. I just want to improve overall from last year. Plus I always fail on ever resolution I try and set.

Harassedmom (@laurakim123)

Reading a book is on my list as well. I have a few lined up to buy as soon as I get paid 🙂

This is my new year goal too! Read atleast one book a month! I know it isn’t great, but with kids, house and work time seems to just fly by without me able to squeeze in any time to read

I just started a new book, the birth order book. It’s good so far and informational!

Melanie Studer

I love your very doable goals for fitness and reading! I love to read, too. A favorite of mine from last year was Nightingale by K. Hannah.

Sandra Törnroth

Ahhh reading a book is a great goal. I try to do that too. January is usually a slower month 😀

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