For the Painful Days Ahead Due to The Humboldt Broncos Tragedy
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It takes just a moment for your life to change forever. When you first watched your child take the ice to play the game we all loved, you would never think that years later, while on the way to pay the game they loved, that their life would tragical come to an end. For 11 players, their head coach, their driver, and their announcer, this is exactly what happened. On April 7, 2018, the Humboldt Broncos were involved in an accident leaving 15 people dead and 14 injured.
Every parent’s worst nightmare.
I think about my sons, one who just finished his first year of hockey, so young with so many dreams and my heart aches. For many of them, their hockey careers started much like my sons did this past year. Early morning practice. Road trips. Hot coffee and arena food. With the dream of playing for a team like the Humboldt Broncos in the future.
After countless practices and thousands of games, I can only offer this.
To the first responders, who worked tirelessly, to save lives. Your strength inspires me.
To the driver and passenger. of the other vehicle. Regardless of the cause of the crash – unknown at the time of posting – you are a survivor just like everyone else involved. Know we are thinking of you as well in this painful time. Ask for help when you feel you need it.
To the parents, I can not wrap my head around your pain and I pray to God I never have to. But I hope you can take some solace in the knowledge that your son was on his way to do something that he loved. Take strength from those around you.
To the players, nobody but you knows what you’ve gone through. Take time to heal. Take time to grieve. Take care of yourself.
To the town of Humboldt, unite as a community. Grieve as a community. Heal as a community. The rest of the country is with you.
To the hockey community when you take the ice, take the ice for the Humboldt Broncos. Play with everything you have in you. Play the game with all your heart.
To Canada, as we as a country recover from this tragedy, hold your loved ones close. As so many families have discovered, your life can change in an instant.
From every one of us that has a child in hockey.
That has played hockey
That currently plays hockey.
That has a family member that plays hockey
That coaches hockey.
From every Canadian that is a fan of hockey…

We are here for you.

You have our love, our prayers and positive thoughts.

You have us.

Since originally posting, unfortunately, another person has passed away due to their injuries. The death of Dayna Brons brings the total to 16.


For the Painful Days Ahead Due to The Humboldt Broncos Tragedy
For the Painful Days Ahead Due to The Humboldt Broncos Tragedy



So, so tragic. I can’t imagine what the families are going through right now. I love what you wrote. It was beautifully said!

Such a sad loss. My heart goes out to all those families.

Wonderful tribute and beautifully written! Sending out prayers for all involved!

This is so sad. I just finished reading the book Beartown which is about a junior hockey team and it somehow made it all so much more real for me.

I just heard about this on the radio yesterday. My prayers goes out to the victims and their families. So sad!

Nicole | The Professional Mom Project

As a fellow Canadian and hockey mom there are no words. Thank you for writing what so many of us haven’t been able to express. Our thoughts are with everyone involved.

Heather Margiotta

I Heard about this when it happened. It breaks my heart. I know the road of grief myself- so i’ve been praying for all the family and the community.

This just breaks my heart! As a parent myself, I can’t imagine the heartbreak those parents are feeling 🙁

Barbara Alfeo

This whole thing is just heartbreaking. Terrible.

Rachael Musser

This is such an awful tragedy! My heart breaks for everyone involved. I cannot image, as a mom, what these families are going through.

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