Babysitting: When A Dad Has To Do It Alone
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As I count down the days to a much anticipated and much overdue girls night out, I prepare myself for the inevitable. The question that makes me cringe. Followed by the statement that makes my blood boil. The question about who is watching the kids. The one about who is babysitting.

Person: “who has the kids?”

Me: “They are at home with their dad.”

Person: “Oh, dad gets to babysit while you go out.”

Me: …

This bothers me, and while the implication that I am shouldn’t get to go out while he stays home is enough; what really gets to me is that dad is babysitting.

I am sorry. He is their father. At no point in their life will he be babysitting them. He is being their parent.

Definition of babysitting

babysitting  to care for children usually during a short absence of the parents;  to give care <babysit for a neighbour’s pets>


Therefore, a parent cannot babysit their own children. This is one of those awful parenting double standards that exist. At no point would someone say, or imply, that I, their mother is babysitting my children. That is simply my job as a mother. I am their caregiver, so why is it that dad isn’t viewed the same way. Especially in this day and age when there are so many stays at home dads, then they are the primary caregivers. Are they still “babysitters” in the eyes of these people?

Moms are moms, dads are dads, and when they are caring for their own children then they aren’t babysitting.

Don’t we moms have to endure mom guilt about having a night out – which they deserve – without the babysitter card getting played? I can’t be the only one who feels this way. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Babysitting: When a dad has to do it alone
Babysitting: When A Dad Has To Do It Alone



Mom in the Six

It’s amazing the double standard. If the dad goes on a guys weekend he will never get asked who is watching the kids! It’s sad for both parents.


Totally agree with you this is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves! I have 4 kids 2 of them being my step kids and no one says im babysitting them! But they ALWAYS say my hubby is….How does that make any sense?!

i def feel this way at times too! we have so much mom guilt all the time- its ridiculous ha. glad to know its not just me!

MMelissa | Bubby and Bean

Oh girl, I am with you. That’s a huge pet peeve for me. I always say something (nicely) about how he’s their dad, so him taking care of them is no different than me taking care of him, and it’s not babysitting any more than it is when I’m alone with them.

Emily | Lil Mama Bear Blog

THANK YOU! It bugs me that people say that the dad is “babysitting” all the time. As if it’s all the mom’s job all the time. I’m like, “If I remember correctly, it took two of us to make that.”

I definitely agree with this, it is not babysitting!

Sophie PIper

So funny!! My husband and I joke about how Dad’s say they are babysitting ummmm no that’s called being a dad 😉

yass to all of this! a dad cannot babysit his own kids! Enjoy your night mama and have fun!

Yes! I agree. There is no time a Dad babysits, he is simply parenting as he should. And us Mom who have husbands that get this are blessed, as there is still Dads out there that would agree that its babysitting!

So true. I’m definitely blessed.

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