The race to six years old: a party.


After much debate, and changing of minds, we somehow landed on a Hot Wheels themed birthday. I say themed loosely, because when you only have a room for an hour it is hard to embrace a theme as much as I used to. We started having two parties last year, one for the family and one for kids. This will be the last time that happens. Two parties mean two cakes, two means, two assortments of snacks, and twice I have to socialise with people outside of my usual comfort zone.

The first party went off without a hitch, good news considering it was the family. I wasn’t expecting anything to go wrong, but when you deal with what is essentially 3 families coming together you never know. There usually is at least one argument, usually my mom and my uncle, but nothing this time. We had hot dogs for dinner as per Levis request and a marble transformer cake. He was spoiled rotten by family, and even Hunter got a little something which I am grateful for because he has been having a bit of a hard time lately.


Party number two was with his friends. 28 invites went out, 10 people RSVPed (some were nos), 7 people showed up. I really do not understand what is so hard to RSVP to an event. I was left wondering if the rest of these people were coming or if no news meant no attendance. Apparently, that’s what it meant. We did have one surprise guest, Levis teacher came, it was so sweet. Levi was so excited that she came, the whole morning before hand he was insisting that she would be there and Blayne and I did our bests to not let him get his hopes up, then she came. `This is the second year she has taught him and it was funny because he actually would go ask her permission to do something before Blayne or me.

Levi chose to have a bowling party which is great. The kids love bowling and it leaves little left to plan. for $14 a person you get bowling, pizza, and pop. I didn’t even need to provide plates or anything it was all taken care of. Kudos to whoever thought of that. It was a fraction of the cost we have paid for past birthday parties, before buying food.

Brittany, of course, made his cake. It was fabulous like always and Levi was very excited about it. The cars were a big hit with the kids afterwards, because they were all playing with them while they were waiting to get picked up and we were cleaning up. A bunch of 6-year-olds can make a mess of anything it would seem.


My favourite gift is once again courtesy of Baba and PaPa. After finding out how jealous he was over H.D.’s blanket Baba came to the rescue and made one for Levi, and a matching pillow. Every night he wants that blanket and that blanket only, and when you have 7 other blankets to choose from it is kind of a big deal.


Levis favourite is his hamster. This is something he has been begging for, every time we went to the pet store for months he told me how much he wanted a hamster. He even had a cage picked out. We decided that when he turned 6 he would be old enough. So down to the pet store we went. He picked out this guy, whose name has changed no less than 10 times in the last 3 days; I believe it is currently Bruce Wayne Batman. I often walk into their room to find Hunter and Levi both just staring at it. Hopefully, this teaches Levi some responsibly, before the novelty wears off.

At the end of the day(s) it was a success. We’re off the hook for another month, at which point we will be celebrating Hunters birthday. … I can’t wait.





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The race to 6 years old: a recap.

Dear Levi,

That last year has flown by. I have spent countless hours watching you grow, both physically and intellectually. The changes  I see are both wonderful, and heartbreaking. You are growing far too fast for our liking.


Just days after turning 5 you started kindergarten. It was a big day for everyone. You were nervous but excited to start a new adventure. That what it was to you. They split your class a couple of weeks in and you went to a new teacher. That was the best decision as your new teacher was and is absolutely incredible. She encouraged you to grow and learn in ways that we can’t. You picked up french with no issues and you love that you are learning something that not everyone knows.

You came to live with us full-time, and while it really it a blessing having you here all the time I know how hard it was when your mom moved away. We love having you here, nobody more than Hunter, as you are truly his best friend. As he is yours. You’re also the biggest big brother to H.D. and I know you will be his beat friend as well. You are already completely in love with him and I often catch you just staring at him.


This year you completed three levels of swimming lessons, and while you still have much to learn your swimming skills have increased tremendously. You also did your first year of T-ball and words cannot express how much you loved that. You wear your medal with pride as often as you can. Spring will come soon enough and you can get right back out there.


We finally got you outside this year, hiking, fishing, and camping. At the beginning f the year you wanted nothing to do with it, now you ask for it, and even woke up from a nightmare in which you didn’t catch a big fish. It’s wonderful watching you enjoy the outdoors in more than a park setting. The world is large and we only get to see a fraction of it.

Speaking of seeing the world; your Dimes for Disney bottle was a fantastic idea. The visual really helps you look forward to a goal and you proudly add to the bottle to go to the “lands” whenever you find or are given a dime. Uncle Shylo even slipped a 5 in there, which you need to point out every time you see it.

You are quickly becoming the grown-up you so desperately want to be. I beg of you to slow down and enjoy being a little boy, you will be a grown up before too long wishing for these days back. I hope that one day you will read this letter and remember the age of 5 fondly. I know I will.


Grow slow Levi, we love you dearly.


Love Jenn


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Goodbye, summer.

I’m not sure what it is about September 1st these last few years but, as soon as it hits it feels like fall. Shorter days, cooler weather. We break out the sweaters and I start baking. Even as I write this I have 4 loaves of bread in the oven, and buns rising to go with the chilli I am making for dinner. Every Sunday during fall and winter I make a soup, stew or chilli. I started this last year after finding out that Blayne’s grandmother made soup every Sunday. I can’t bring myself to do it during the summer, but it is something from his childhood I can give to him, a memory he can share with his boys now.

We said goodbye to summer last week, knowing that it would be the opportunity before school started this coming week, we made one last summer trip to the mountains. We were joined by my brother, Shylo, and his girlfriend, Melissa. We made a 6 1/2 km hike through Maligne Canyon. With 3 kids, one in a stroller, and me being 2 1/2 weeks out of surgery, we were slow going but we made decent time, and I can not wait to do it all over again. We ended with a picnic at the 6th bridge.

We had a pretty good summer.

camping 1.jpg

Camping – We spent a total of two weeks camping over a few separate trips. my favourite would have to be the one  to Jasper. We camped 3 nights with Shylo and Melisssa at Whistlers Campground. Beautiful scenery, close to town and multiple hiking points. I can’t wait to do it again next year.

Hiking – We did a few different trips that involved hiking. My favourite would be the last, only because I wasn’t pregnant anymore and I was really able to enjoy the walk without being in pain.

Untitled design (4)

Fishing – Most of this happened while camping, but it still was great. We had a few firsts with fishing this year, with Hunter, Levi and even Me catching their first fish. Go us.

Plus, we welcomed H.D. which, in my opinion at least, was probably the highlight.

Levi starts school in 2 days, which really means the end of summer. We are back to weekends. Monday – Friday will be otherwise booked between school and activities. That doesn’t mean the fun will stop. Fall still mean hikes, and outdoor time, it also means birthdays and parties. In fact, Levis birthday party will be in just a few short days.

While part of me is already wistful for summer days, I am looking forward to Fall. I love crisp mornings and hot lattes (yes Pumpkin Spice). I can’t wait to celebrate the boys birthdays and Halloween. Fall means hot soups, freshly baked loaves of bread, sweaters and cuddles. I think I have finally found a bread recipe I will stick with, and soups I have been collecting recipes all year waiting for this season to return.

Maybe we will still have a few “summer” days before the snow flies, but I thin they will be few and far between. All we can do is hold on to them when they happen, and embrace fall while it is here.

Mad Mommy



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The breeza: a review.

brz-024_1zWhen I first heard about the Baby Breeza Formula Pro we had just taken Hunter off of formula, but I was certainly intrigued. I loved the concept. Bottles at the touch of a button, mixed and to temperature. It sounded almost too good to be true, but alas, I had no reason for it anymore. When I got pregnant with H.D. I thought of it almost immediately. I began researching it, and the reviews I found were mixed, but positive seemed to outweigh the negative. I wanted to try it for myself but the price of $199.99 it was far out of my price range. Then a wonderful friend of mine bought it for me as a gift.

About a week before H.D. was born I set it up. First I read the directions cover to cover, they were well written and easy to follow. Then I sterilized all the pieces that would be exposed to water or formula, and I left them to dry overnight. I filled up the water canister and ran a full container through it to ensure all the inside pieces were clean as well. Nothing happened. That is when the first swear came in. Turns out the directions only help when you read them, and I didn’t give them to Blayne before asking him to put the formula dispenser together. They have to be in the exact right order or it doesn’t work. Once that was fixed it worked perfectly and I was immediately impressed with how quickly it made a 10 oz bottle. It took seconds compared to the minutes it would take to do the same by hand.

When filling up the formula holder I discovered that it held a full container of formula. This was great news, as I now knew that I wouldn’t have half full containers of formula on my counter. From the minute we mixed our first bottles, even Blayne was impressed, and he was my hardest sell, he wasn’t comfortable with losing “control” over how the formula was mixed.

My biggest complaint is the size of the water canister. At 50ml even when making bottles for a newborn it empties quickly. When bottle size increases I know it will have to be refilled often.

My biggest rave would be how quickly it makes bottles. While we are only using it for 2/4 oz bottles at this point the time it takes to make bottles is even less than it would take to even warm up a bottle our old way.


  • The mixing of the formula to the water causes it to be dispensed in a ‘swirl’ motion, so if the holder isn’t high enough it doesn’t all make it into the bottle.
  • There is no alarm if something isn’t right. If the water canister isn’t right you get a bottle of straight powder.
  • The bottle holder has to be moved up or down to accommodate the size of the bottle needed. Unless the bottle holder is firmly locked into place you risk losing the whole bottle onto the counter. Something we learned after losing 2 bottles worth of formula.
  • Powder formula is sticky, so it needs to be cleaned daily. This only takes about 15 seconds but it does need to be done.

Wish List

  • Lower price – at $199.99 it is a very big purchase for a lot of families, especially when there are already so many other large purchases to make at this time, and this one is a luxury, not a necessity.
  • Small water canister –  My coffee pot has a bigger water canister, this already needs to be filled up daily and we are only making 2 and 4 oz bottles.
  • An alarm –  or even a light to tell you if something isn’t proper before you get a bottle full of nothing.
  • Glowing Buttons  – Specifically the mix button, it would make those middle of the night feedings slightly easier.

Love it

  • Directions – The directions are wonderfully laid out and easy to follow, so even in a sleep deprived state you’re able to follow them,
  • Fast – less than 30 seconds and you can have a 10 oz bottle warm and ready to drink. When you have a screaming baby at 3 am there is nothing better than quick.
  • Formula – Holds a full container, of my brand anyways, so no half full containers on the counter deceiving you about how much you have in reserve. Something you don’t want to find out you’re out of in the middle of the night.

Swear Factor

2/10 – This is mostly due to my inability to read, or pass directions. Still, even at that, I would say that this is a fantastically low rating.

When we first were talking about the Breeza, Blayne was against it. Making bottles isn’t necessarily a hard or time-consuming task but by day one he was sold. He can not speak highly enough of the Breeza and brags about it at every opportunity. I have to agree, the pros far outweigh the cons , and if it wasn’t for the price is would be our go-to baby gift. 

Mad Mommy


**Opinions expressed here are solely mine and/or my husbands. In no way have I been approached by this company to endorse their product, and I have written this review at my own discretion.**
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A party just for baby.

My baby shower was this past weekend. Many people have them before the baby is born but I personally feel it is bad luck. Call me superstitious, or whatever you will, I heard that once when I was younger and it has stuck with me ever since. It also doesn’t hurt to have a wonderful baby for everyone to snuggle while watching the mom open gifts.

My best friend Maranda threw it, it was supposed to be a woodland animal theme. The room, however, that was rented did not allow balloons in it, and I am assured that the theme would have been loud and clear with them. Not that it matters, it was a wonderful party where H.D. and I were spoiled.

Untitled design (3)

My friend Brittany, and go to cake baker, made a WONDERFUL cake. Not that I am surprised at all, they are always delicious but she really outdid herself this time. This was Levis favourite part of course, and he was quite upset when the leftovers came home for daddy and not for him. But his birthday is quickly approaching :(, and he will have plenty of cake then.


Hunter helped me open each and every gift, while Levi enjoyed his cake, and it was clear what his favorite was so we will let him choose for H.D. This blanket that was beautifully made by their Baba Teri. It is Avengers theme, which matches his coming home blanket. It has quickly become a house favorite as it moves around from his bouncer to his swing, to his car seat, and back again. She also gifted us another, that will be used heavily in his nursery when colder weather hits. Baba always makes beautiful blankets and we have quite a collection of them, but they will be cherished for years.

My favorite is hard to pick; because I got so many wonderful gifts for H.D. and me, both pre and post baby. While I am usually a sucker for homemade things, and would be really torn between this and a collection of items we received from Blayne’s Aunt and cousins (bibs, hat, blanket, soother clip, and two pairs of these wonderful pants- all hand made,) I am going to have to choose this.


This balloon, along with flowers that he picked himself, were from Hunter. He is really the most thoughtful little boy. He also picked out a Happy Birthday balloon for H.D. and insisted on making a birthday cake in honor of the special occasion. He proudly brought me this balloon, along with H.D.s when he came to meet his baby brother. It is one, that while deflating, is still sitting beside my bed, and I will keep it forever in a special memory box.

My favorite moment, besides the cake, was when Levi expressed his concern that H.D. didn’t get a birthday party. It took a moment because he hasn’t had a “birthday” yet, but I discovered that he meant for when he turned zero.  To a concerned big brother, that deserved a birthday party. I quickly explained that this was, in fact, his party for turning zero, so no need to worry. This seemed to alleviate his fears and he returned to his cake. I told you it was his favorite part.

Maranda also did something very special, she asked everyone to write a letter to H.D. for him to be given on his 18th birthday. At 18 – that seems so very far away – he may not appreciate it as much as I do now, but this emotional mamma was extremely touched. I have yet to read them because I know there will be more tears than I am prepared for at the moment, but I know how special they will be. I plan to help Levi and Hunter write their own letters, encourage Blayne, and of course write my own to add to it. That is also a task these tear filled eyes are not quite ready for.

Another thing I really enjoyed was that instead of cards, I received books with a note inside. I still have a stack of cards from Hunter’s baby shower that I not sure what to do with so this was super great. My favorite were the three books from Maranda, which were actually her books when she was little. Runner-up would have to be Love you Forever by Robert Munch from my friend Geri. But I do love them all, there are so many that I haven’t read before that I am excited to share with all three boys, not just H.D.

That was the highlights of my shower, there were so many wonderful people, gifts, and moments that I could gush about. I truly love and appreciate every single one.

Mad Mommy

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Diary of an imperfect mum


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Welcome baby H.

After dropping off Hunter Blayne and I went for dinner to celebrate our anniversary. To say I was distracted would be an understatement. In just over 12 hours I would have my baby in my arms. While I was more than excited, I must admit I was also terrified.  The more the night progressed the more that feeling took over. Not only was our lives about to change drastically, I was about to undergo major surgery. I sat on my bed, crying wondering if we were ready for this. Not that we had a choice of course.

The next morning, bright and early, we headed off to the hospital. My nerves were not any better and I felt very much like vomiting. I hadn’t had anything to eat or drink in over 7 hours so that also didn’t help. Off we went into the recovery room where they started the prep. Gown. IV. Medication. Potty Break. The closer we got the more nervous I was. This was an entirely different experience than last time. With Hunter I didn’t have time to think about what was happening, I went from labour and delivery to the operating table in practically no time. That was a different kind of fear. Honestly, I don’t know what is worse.

Once the spinal was done and it was confirmed that I was, in fact, numb from the chest down it was time to start. Or it must have been, Blayne was by my head holding my hand and talking to me, I didn’t even realize they had begun. It wasn’t until they warned me that I might feel some tugging that I clued in that we were well on our way. When it came time to get the baby out he was stuck. It took two kinds of suction, and two doctors pushing as hard as they could. – Keep in mind my doctor is well over 6 ft tall and very athletic, he was working hard to get this baby out. – The pushing caused me to vomit, my poor husband, sitting beside me ended up wearing a portion of it I’m sure. With a pop and release of pressure, Blayne was splashed in blood and the baby was out.

No crying. They did warn me that c-section babies don’t always cry right away, so I try not to worry.  So I wait, still no crying. That’s when I overhear that he is on oxygen and not breathing. Talk about terrifying. That was the longest 2 1/2 minutes of my life, finally, I hear a noise, not a cry but definitely a baby. Another 2 minutes and he is crying, and the breath I didn’t know I was holding gets released. He’s okay. Blayne goes over and cuts the umbilical cord, something he didn’t get to do with Hunter. I can hear him talking to our son about how I am not going to believe he has hair. Hunter and Levi both looked like bowling balls on their first birthdays, there is no way this baby has hair. When he brings him over to sit beside me I see that he does have hair, not a lot but hair just the same.

Blayne left with the baby, the doctors finished closing me up, and I was wheeled into recovery. My toes were already regaining feeling, and I wiggled them as much as possible. I asked how big he was, 50 cm and 3160 grams. That meant nothing to me, but when I asked what that was in pounds, they said just under 7. I couldn’t believe it. Hunter was over 10 lbs, they estimated this baby would be around 9. Surely this nurse was mistaken. When they took me to my room with my waiting husband and baby, and I finally got to hold my sweet baby boy, I realized that he was so very small.

I got to hold my baby for the first time, and I got to feed him for the first time. These were things I don’t take for granted because I don’t remember them with Hunter. I will cherish them forever with this baby.


Meet Herman-Daniel Joseph, H.D. for short. A name deeply rooted in our family on both sides. He really is a bundle of joy. I was wrong we are more than ready for this. He is the perfect addition to our family, and I would not change a thing.

Mad Mommy


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Just one more hug.

It has been a week since my hardest goodbye, goodbye to my our last fleeting moments of alone time with Hunter before the baby came. I knew this was going to be hard, I had spent months agonizing over it. In fact even a week later I still am emotional thinking about it.

My c-section was still hours away but it was scheduled for 7 am, long before Hunter is usually out of bed, it only made sense for him to start his sleep-overs the night before. Plus, Blayne and I were going to have our anniversary dinner, and try to enjoy our last baby free night.

Hunter loves sleep-overs, he counts down the days until his next one. Also, he knew that this sleepover meant that “his baby” was coming, so he was bursting with excitement. I’m glad that someone was. My nerves were getting the best of me. I was torn between my excitement to hold my baby, and the sadness I was feeling at saying goodbye to my other baby.

This was going to be the last moment where he was my youngest, where he was my baby. I was going to have a new baby tomorrow, and as much as I had the last 39 weeks to prepare for that, emotionally I still wasn’t ready. I must have asked for another hug and kiss at least 15 times before Blayne said we had better go. He was right, we did still have dinner to go to, and Hunter was more than happy to go do his thing. He’s three, he didn’t understand how hard this was for mommy. So I got one more hug and kiss and off we went.


The next day Hunter was the only person that got to meet his little brother. This moment I will cherish forever.

Mad Mommy


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Diary of an imperfect mum

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Baby prep: The bedroom & living room

After the kitchen, I moved into the bedroom. This is my bedroom instead of the nursery because that is where the baby is going to sleep for the first little while and therefore where the must have items need to be. The fact that our nursery furniture isn’t in yet is also a factor.

The big task in here was that everything needed to be moved. The bassinet wouldn’t fit beside our bed, and clearly, that was going to be in issue. So we moved all the furniture and made room for baby. Relatively simple. From there I did the living room, which basically consisted of finding homes for all the stuff that had accumulated in there during renos and cleaning. I can’t be the only one who does this when they clean. This would be a much simpler task if I wasn’t two days away from my c-section. I told you all I would be done this just in the nick of time.

Finally, with hardly a moment to spare it was baby prep time.

Baby Buy ChecklistLaundry Room and Bathroom Edition (3)

  1. Bassinet – I had zero intention of using one of these with Hunter. he was going to sleep in his own room no matter what. Until I had an emergency c section and I couldn’t put him in his crib. Blayne to the rescue, again, set up the playpen that had a bassinet feature and we were good to go in our room for a couple of months. This time, we purchased a bassinet, just in the interest of saving space.
  2. Change Table – Mine is actually on back order so we are using our smaller dresser to hold all the baby clothes and to use as a change table. Add the change pad on top and we had a perfect solution.
  3. Diaper pail – Use whatever brand you like, but I broke 3 Diaper Genies with Hunter and you have to buy their brand of bags. This time, I am excited about the Bubula Steel Diaper Pail we purchased.
  4. Baby monitor – I LOVE the Angelcare Monitor. I bought one second-hand with Hunter and knew there was no other option with this baby. The motion sensor was the only thing that allowed me to sleep when he did. We bought a new one this time around.
  5. Baby Swing – life saver. Baby liked to be held and they like to be rocked. Often the swing is the only reason you will ever get anything else done. If you can get one that swings either direction. Some babies can get quite picky.
  6. Baby bouncer – like the swing this can be quite handy. They are more portable than the swing so you can move it room to room and have baby near while still not in your arms.

With that, I think we’re done, and with only a day to spare. I don’t recommend waiting til the last-minute like I did. But if you do I hope that my lists help. I do still need to pack my hospital bag so stay tuned for that.

Mad Mommy

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Baby prep: The kitchen

As you know I had to take a step back with the kitchen while Blayne did renos. This put me about a week behind my perfectly timed out schedule. Now that I FINALLY have a birthday for this baby I have to work double time to get the bedroom and living room done. But for now The Kitchen.

Much like  the laundry room I started by cleaning out my cupboards and everything that we wouldn’t eat was donated. I don’t know how I accumulate so much food that we won’t eat. Actually, that isn’t true, it comes from my mother and grandmother when they decide they won’t eat it.

From there I cleaned out and organized the rest of the cupboards, the fridge, and my most hated chore; about the cupboards. That always seems to accumulate of the dust and grease from cooking and it is gross. I have yet to find a cleaner that cuts through it as well as I would like. This is the area where I usually keep my slow-cooker and the like, however, I can’t reach it there so Blayne with his non-pregnant brain suggested we move them to the newly placed shelves in the hallways.

My front door is also in the kitchen so I had to organize that as well. While cleaning out the shoe area I found no less than 10 pairs of shoes the kids have outgrown. Where they come from I do not know, where I am going to store them is an even bigger mystery. Oh well, such is life with kids.

Finally, it was baby prep time.

Baby Buy ChecklistLaundry Room and Bathroom Edition (2).jpg

  1. Bottles – It doesn’t matter if your  breastfeeding, or bottle feeding. I recommend having bottles on hand. You’ll need the bottles for any pumped breast milk, and if you’re bottle feeding, like me, you’ll need them to feed your child. With Hunter, I used NUK and Playtex Drop-ins. This time, I have the same but I have also tossed in some Playtex nursers and Some Born Free bottles just for good measure.
  2. Formula – This is obviously only if you’re planning on formula feeding. I have a couple of sample containers as well as the full-sized ones. Pending any sensitivities I plan on using the same as I used with Hunter, however, I only bought a limited amount just in case.
  3. Bottle Sterilizer – I personally just use a pot of boiling water but you can buy these handy contraptions. You  need to sterilize everything from bottles to soothers.
  4. Bottle Drying Rack – Again this is personal preference but you can get some nice ones.
  5. Bottle Brush –  For those tough to clean areas of the bottles. This definitely comes in handy.


Something that is completely unnecessary but I am very excited about is, The Baby Breeza. This thing mixes and heat bottles. I lovingly refer to it as my baby Keurig.  I was gifted it by a friend after I had read hundreds of reviews on them. Full review coming on this later, when I get to actually use it.

I did not include a high chair of any kind in this list as it is something that will not be used in the first few months.

I believe that is it for the kitchen unless you think I am forgetting something. If so let me know in the comments. Off to the bedroom.

Mad Mommy


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A letter to my son.

My dearest Hunter,

Your baby is coming soon and I am so glad your excited, but mommy is afraid.

For so much of your life it has just been me and you. Levi was often at his moms or at school, and I have always been there for you. Every time you have been sick, or scared I have been there. Every tear, every smile, every laugh it has been me and you. Your firsts at everything, mommy was there to share your pride. For nearly 4 years, I have gotten all the cuddles, kisses, and hugs that you would share. We have spent countless hours cooking, and shopping, pretending and watching movies together. Me and you, but already things are changing.

With baby coming, mommy has to often been to tired to do anything. I nap and you, being the perfect little  boy that you are, you play by yourself or watch TV by yourself. Instead of cuddling on the couch and chair for hours, or reading a story mommy hurts and needs you to move. Instead of getting on the floor with you, I sit in my chair and struggle to be comfortable. Instead of taking you to the park, we stay at home because I can’t run and play with you. I’m sorry.

Untitled design

I’m afraid you’re going to resent me or your baby. Your baby is going to take away your mommy. He is going to demand all of my attention. I won’t be able to pick you up and cuddle you. I won’t be able to anything on your timeline anymore. It will be the baby. When baby cries mommy will have to go. When baby wants something, mommy will have to give it.

I’m so afraid you’re going to lose that special light you have inside of you. I am so afraid that when you need me I will be unable to go. I am so afraid, that out special relationship is going to change.

You are my world, the light that keeps me going when it is dark. I would do anything for you. I want to protect you from the world, I want to save you from the hurt. I don’t want you to feel like baby has stolen your mommy. I would give anything for things not to change.

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Please forgive me baby, in all the talks about having another baby I never considered this. We talked about you being a fantastic big brother, you already are so great at that. But not once did we talk about what it would do to our relationship. I didn’t even think about it until we found out that we were going to have another boy. I already have you, how will another compare to the wonderfulness that you are. How will it change the perfect relationship that we have.

The only thing I can do it make you a promise, but you have to make one as well. I promise that I will make special time for Hunter and Mommy. Daddy can stay with baby as often as possible for us to just be us again. You have to promise to never let that beautiful smile fade away, stay you and stay young for as long as possible.

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We have a couple weeks left of me and you time. Let us make the most of it. I will be only yours for as long and as often as I can. After that, be patient with me, and baby. It won’t always be this way. You will be the very best big brother you can be, while still being the very best little brother you can be. Mommy was a middle child too, I know what it is like, that is something that you and me will always have.

I love you my boy, more than you will ever know. You will always be my baby, even when you’re old.


Love your mommy

Mad Mommy

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