First blog post.

Of course it dawned on me to change the title of the post, however, I was impressed by the simplicity that is the truth. This is, in fact, my very first blog post.

I have been meaning to jump on the blogging “bandwagon” for quite sometime now. Writing more was technically my New Year Resolution. I had three.

  1. Write More
  2. Yell Less
  3. Read More

I’m happy to report that if nothing else I can say I can cross Read More of the list. This is my first attempt at number 1, and while number 2 is an active effort I am ashamed to say my children would probably say it has been a failure – one that I hope to make good on still.

Children, I guess that is a good place to start as they really are my world, aside from my dear husband but we will get to him momentarily.

Meet Levi


I cannot express how much I love this little boy. He is 5 years old, almost 6 if you ask him, and while he is my son by choice not by blood he is very much mine. Please don’t misunderstand, his mother is a big part of his life and I am in no way trying to discount that, I just mean that I love him as my own and would do anything for him without question. Levi first came in my life around his first birthday, the rest is history so to speak. He walked me down the aisle at our wedding – and doesn’t he look dashing?! – along with my dad and my youngest son, Hunter who refused to let go of Papas hand.

Meet Hunter


He is the light of my life, he would be yours too if you got to see that smile every day. He is going to be 4 on his birthday, which isn’t until October but don’t you dare tell him that not that he will listen. Anyways, he is a fearless, shockingly well-behaved, little BOY. I type that in caps because he is very much a boy. He loves bugs, and guns, and fishing, and camping, and literally anything that boys should love. That being said he also terrified of spiders, he got it from his mama, and loves cleaning.

Last but not least meet….


He who has not been named. There are a few things wrong with that though.

  1. He may very well be a she but I’m not sure of that and I need to call it something other than it.
  2. He or She it has a name, we have just chosen not to reveal that until he/she comes along.

Regardless of what the sex is baby #3 is coming and we are very happy about it. We had some problems a few months back which I am sure will become another post at some point. He is due August 20, 2016, but we will be scheduling a c-section shortly.

And finally,


This is the love of my life and the father of all three of my children, Blayne. We were married on our 3rd anniversary, August 8, 2014. He once said to me that as far as he was concerned we had been dating for years I only finally agreed to it then. I’m happy to agree with him as he truly was and is my best friend. As much of a cliché that is.


Well that’s us. One big mostly happy family with an addition on the way. Ready or not I am here and they are coming with me. I don’t know if anyone is reading this but if you do let me know!


I’ll be back, as soon as this mad mommy has a moment or two.


If anyone wonders, every single one of our family photos are taken by Leanne Campbell out of Hinton. You can get in touch with her and see more work through her newly rebooted FB page Here.

Mad Mommy

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