January Fitness Goals

January Fitness Goals

New year, new you. Isn’t that the age-old adage? January brings a fresh group of people to the gym with a focus on their resolutions to get fit or lose some weight. People always seem to use new years as the time to set their fitness goals.  As the year goes on more and more of these people seem to drift away, until you are left with the dedicated people, most of whom have been doing this for years, with a few newbies with a fresh new dedication to their life.

I am the latter.

I have learned the key over the years to keep your resolutions and meeting your goals, fitness or otherwise. Start off small. There are not many things that are a fulfilling as hitting a goal. Just like crossing something off a list, or checking of something off the to-do list. Satisfying.

If you’re looking for lifestyle goals, they can be found here.

January I have one goal.

Stay Active While on Vacation

Lucky (for more than one reason) for me I am going to Maui. Hawaii has to be one of the most active places on this planet. Surfing. Yoga. Paddleboarding. Hiking. Swimming. I actually don’t anticipate a whole lot of problem with this one. However, vacation is one of those times where mentally, and often physically, you don’t want to do anything. You are there to relax.

My goal is to stay active and try to find new ways to do that. Maybe I give paddleboarding a try. Maybe I will find my love for swimming again. I definitely will be taking a run on the beach that everyone is always raving about. I have my eye on a few hikes and plenty of walking. I’m sure that with every word I type my husbands dream of a nice relaxing beach vacation drift further and further away.


January is a promising time for most people, with their newfound dedication to fitness, or whatever their goals end up being. Start with a small goal, and together in February we will grow from there. What are your fitness goals for the month? Or, if you have already made them, what are your fitness goals for the year?

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January Goals

January Goals

With school returning today, it became clear that I must also return to reality. No more will there be sleeping in and staying up late. Back to regularly scheduled programming, for a couple of weeks until I fly off to Maui anyways. January brings a not only a new month but also, a new year. With a new year comes new goals. Not a new me, but a time to refocus on, and reaffirm what your goals are for the upcoming year. However, I believe that new years resolutions are bound to fail so I will only make one this year. To make monthly goals.

The first Monday of the month, pending holidays and other lifelong distractions, will be the day in which I make my monthly personal goals. As this is the first Monday, that is not right in the middle of a school break and is not also a holiday here we are.

If you’re looking for fitness goals, they can be found here.

For January I thought it best to start off small. It’s quite a busy month for our upcoming holidays, school, and hockey and just life in general. I don’t want to set myself up to fail.

Read a book

This might sound relatively simple because I’ve already finished one book and I’m on to a second, but those are easy to read novels. But, when I say read I book I’m talking about a classic or educational novel. Last year I read 25 books, only one of those was something that actually made me think. I love to lose myself in a novel, usually with a glass of wine in a bath, but I also love to read books that I can talk about and learn from. Last year I read a book by Graham Hancock and loved it.

I’m not sure which yet so if you have any suggestions I am happy to hear them. I’d also love to hear your New Years goals.

January goals

January goals

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Holiday Gift Guide Round-Up

Holiday Gift Guide Round-Up

All links have been shared with permission from the authors.

If you’re anything like me, you just realized Christmas is less than a week away. I feel like it really snuck up on me this year. Maybe it is because school goes right until the 22nd, maybe because of the complete lack of snow. Maybe, I’m just not really feeling it this year. Regardless of the reason I, or even you, seemed to let the month of December slip right past you don’t worry; I am here to help. I have compiled a list of some of the best Gift Guide to help you with any last minute gift shopping that you have to do. Find some incredible gift ideas, and show some love to some fellow Canadian Bloggers.

While you’re here looking for gift suggestions, check out my review of the Jord Watch.


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Holiday Gift Guide Round-Up


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Surviving a winter family road trip.

Surviving a winter family road trip.

Christmas is in just 12 short days, and for many people that will involve loading up the car with people, gifts, and luggage to head on a long winter family road trip. Family road trips at any time of year can be overwhelming and stress full, but during the winter where everything is in another level.

Much of my husband’s family is about an 8-hour drive away from where we live, and while we have never made the trip at Christmas we have made it in the winter more than not. This, of course, involves packing up three kids and make the journey.

These are the tricks that I have accumulated over the years to make travelling with our boys a tad easier and in some cases, safer.

Let them pack their own bag

Kids, or mine at least, get excited when they have some independence. Letting them pick and pack their own clothes really helps them be excited about what is happening and going somewhere. I send mine with a number of shirts, pants, socks etc so I still know everything they need is taken.

Leave early

On the way out of the city, we started our journey at 4 am. Cruel I know, worse for me than the kids.  Our hope was that they would sleep for the first part of the trip. HD is usually asleep the moment he was buckled into his car seat and Hunter doesn’t make it out of the city. Levi can usually power through nearly the whole drive but he is a unique boy. The later we leave the more they seem to fight.


Neither of my kids can read yet but that doesn’t stop them from flipping through books and making their own stories. I bring a handful and this keeps them busy for a few hours.


I am not an iPad mom. But, I believe there is a time and a place and so we have a couple of personal games systems that we let them play with when they really got stir crazy and that kept them busy for a bit.

Have something for them to look forward to at the end of the drive

This can be as simple as ice cream or a toy or anything that they are going to want to get.

If possible have a pool at the hotel

This is probably our best move. Levi has never been a strong sleeper so when staying in a hotel we prepare for the worst. Making them super tired always seems to do the trick. Swimming, even for a half hour is always sure to exhaust my kids so before bed each night we went for a swim by the time they hit the pillow they were already asleep.

Bring their bedding

Our kids each have a special pillow and blanket they can’t sleep without. By bringing them with us it is close enough to their actual bed that it wasn’t a big deal.

Bring an extra full outfit

My boys, always seem to need an extra change of clothes no matter where we go. Levi somehow manages to get syrup all over his shirt he is supposed to wear to dinner. Hunter loses a pair of pants. HD explodes out of his diaper. Seriously just bring extra clothes.

ALL your winter gear

Be prepared for the worst. In the event that your vehicle breaks down or you get lost, or any other of the million things that could happen you want to be prepared. No heat in the winter means you’re going to be cold. Have everything you need to be as warm as possible.


Remember these are little people who normally move 100 miles/minute. Being strapped into a vehicle for hours means that energy isn’t being expelled. They are going to misbehave.

Travelling isn’t easy for anyone, let alone with kids. We usually make it through unscathed and are able to enjoy our time at wherever we were headed.

What are your best road trip tips?

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Jord Watch: A Review.

Jord Watch: A Review.

**Disclaimer: I received this product for free from Jord watches in exchange for 
social media and blog posts. All opinions, however, are mine and uninfluenced.**

My father in law got married last fall and I was lucky enough to be part of the wedding party. I had a dress, shoes, earrings, necklace, rings, and a beautiful shawl. I even had a watch. Except, my watch was actually my Fitbit, and while it matched the colour it didn’t really suit the occasion.

That was when I came to the conclusion that I needed to get a “dress” watch for just such an occasion. That is when Jord came into the picture. I had been eying them up for a while, their unmistakable beauty at a more than reasonable price point made them a perfect addition to my jewellery box.

Their options are seemingly endless and each just as or more beautiful than the last, and so the hardest part was probably trying to decide on which one to get. I ended up with the gorgeous Zebrawood Emerald square face watch from their Reese collection.

Let’s just take a moment and talk about the box this came in.  This is an intricately built wooden box that is something to be appreciated. Complete with a bottom pull out drawer to store your polishing cloth. But we’re not here to talk about the box.

The watch is… wow.


The square face is emerald coloured and is a classic, is stylish, and the fold numbering is easy to read. There is a slight texture on the face which can be distracting. I frequently thought it was a plastic protective layer I forgot to pull off. Overall, I believe it is just something I needed to get used to.


The band is flawlessly put together in a lightweight manner, not at all heavy. Knowing it was made of wood, this was my fear. The zebra wood is unique, making each an every piece different and therefore no two-time pieces are the same. The links are a larger than average, making the band a little looser than I would prefer but a size smaller would be too tight I believe.


The clasp was a huge seller to me. Due to the fact that I am extremely uncoordinated, I can’t manage most clasps.  This one, however, was simple and I was able to do it one-handed. It is a double fold so it is secure, but still easy to do.


This is a conversation piece. When we went to my husbands Christmas party I had at least a half-dozen people ask about my watch. All of them with admiration. Perfect for dressing up for a night out, or even for dressing down on a night in. You could wear this any day of the week, and have it blend with any attire.

Check out the Men’s line, the Women’s Line, or take a closer look at my watch, get 25% off your order; and make sure to let me know your favourite in the comments down below.


Wooden Wrist Watch


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Learning to Skate

Learning to Skate

The fact that I have never really enjoyed watching a hockey game makes me a pretty bad Canadian. Add to it that I never learned how to skate makes me the worst Canadian.

I can count the number of times I went skating as a child on one hand. Most of them were part of a gym class so they were mandatory. When I took my skates off in the n10th grade I never put them back on again, and the one time I considered learning I fell down a flight of stairs and took that as a sign. My skills we always lacking, and my stopping skills were non-existent.

10 years after I hung up my skates, I was faced with a 2-year-old who desperately wanted to skate. But because he was so young, I was able to skate by – haha See what I did there – with just my shoes while he was learning. By this time last year, it became clear that I needed to learn how to skate.

Lucky for me Santa left a brand new pair of figure skates with my name on it last year. – Can you hear the eye roll? – so, off to the rink we went.

Now, I won’t say I’m a great skater, yet, but I am getting better every time. Just like Hunter who can literally skate circles around me. I can confidently go from one end of the ice to the other, and I have almost figured out how to stop properly. I took Hunters skating lessons and applied them to myself.

Here’s what worked for me:

Walk like a penguin – You’re going to look ridiculous, BUT, it helps you keep your balance while still learning how to place your feet. Put your heels together and walk exactly like a penguin would.

Keep your hands and arms out – Just like a tightrope walker uses a pole to keep their centre of gravity, use your arms to keep yours.

Keep by the boards – This will, at least at first, act like a security blanket. If you start to lose your balance you can grab on to them.

Stay near the way off – Skating is hard; Especially at first. There is nothing worse than having sore feet and legs and then realizing you have to go all the way back to the other end, of what seems like an Olympic sized, arena before you can get off.

1,2,3, glide – Take 3 quick steps and then glide. Soon you’ll be able to reduce that to 1,2 glide then 1, glide and then with enough time glide,

Make Snow – stand in one spot and push outwards with your skate, scraping the top layer off the ice. This is the basic premise for stopping. Eventually, you will be able to incorporate this into movement and stop.

WEAR A HELMET – I can not stress this enough, and I really should practice what I preach, but that ice is hard. One good fall could be disastrous.

If you have a choice, I suggest learning as a child when your body recovers fast and you don’t hurt so much. But, if like me, you are ready to learn now I hope these help. While I probably won’t ever skate as well as my avid hockey player of a son, I can at least hold my own now.

How old were you when you learned to skate?


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The race to six years old: a party.


After much debate, and changing of minds, we somehow landed on a Hot Wheels themed birthday. I say themed loosely, because when you only have a room for an hour it is hard to embrace a theme as much as I used to. We started having two parties last year, one for the family and one for kids. This will be the last time that happens. Two parties mean two cakes, two means, two assortments of snacks, and twice I have to socialise with people outside of my usual comfort zone.

The first party went off without a hitch, good news considering it was the family. I wasn’t expecting anything to go wrong, but when you deal with what is essentially 3 families coming together you never know. There usually is at least one argument, usually my mom and my uncle, but nothing this time. We had hot dogs for dinner as per Levis request and a marble transformer cake. He was spoiled rotten by family, and even Hunter got a little something which I am grateful for because he has been having a bit of a hard time lately.


Party number two was with his friends. 28 invites went out, 10 people RSVPed (some were nos), 7 people showed up. I really do not understand what is so hard to RSVP to an event. I was left wondering if the rest of these people were coming or if no news meant no attendance. Apparently, that’s what it meant. We did have one surprise guest, Levis teacher came, it was so sweet. Levi was so excited that she came, the whole morning before hand he was insisting that she would be there and Blayne and I did our bests to not let him get his hopes up, then she came. `This is the second year she has taught him and it was funny because he actually would go ask her permission to do something before Blayne or me.

Levi chose to have a bowling party which is great. The kids love bowling and it leaves little left to plan. for $14 a person you get bowling, pizza, and pop. I didn’t even need to provide plates or anything it was all taken care of. Kudos to whoever thought of that. It was a fraction of the cost we have paid for past birthday parties, before buying food.

Brittany, of course, made his cake. It was fabulous like always and Levi was very excited about it. The cars were a big hit with the kids afterwards, because they were all playing with them while they were waiting to get picked up and we were cleaning up. A bunch of 6-year-olds can make a mess of anything it would seem.


My favourite gift is once again courtesy of Baba and PaPa. After finding out how jealous he was over H.D.’s blanket Baba came to the rescue and made one for Levi, and a matching pillow. Every night he wants that blanket and that blanket only, and when you have 7 other blankets to choose from it is kind of a big deal.


Levis favourite is his hamster. This is something he has been begging for, every time we went to the pet store for months he told me how much he wanted a hamster. He even had a cage picked out. We decided that when he turned 6 he would be old enough. So down to the pet store we went. He picked out this guy, whose name has changed no less than 10 times in the last 3 days; I believe it is currently Bruce Wayne Batman. I often walk into their room to find Hunter and Levi both just staring at it. Hopefully, this teaches Levi some responsibly, before the novelty wears off.

At the end of the day(s) it was a success. We’re off the hook for another month, at which point we will be celebrating Hunters birthday. … I can’t wait.





A Cornish Mum




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The race to 6 years old: a recap.

Dear Levi,

That last year has flown by. I have spent countless hours watching you grow, both physically and intellectually. The changes  I see are both wonderful, and heartbreaking. You are growing far too fast for our liking.


Just days after turning 5 you started kindergarten. It was a big day for everyone. You were nervous but excited to start a new adventure. That what it was to you. They split your class a couple of weeks in and you went to a new teacher. That was the best decision as your new teacher was and is absolutely incredible. She encouraged you to grow and learn in ways that we can’t. You picked up french with no issues and you love that you are learning something that not everyone knows.

You came to live with us full-time, and while it really it a blessing having you here all the time I know how hard it was when your mom moved away. We love having you here, nobody more than Hunter, as you are truly his best friend. As he is yours. You’re also the biggest big brother to H.D. and I know you will be his beat friend as well. You are already completely in love with him and I often catch you just staring at him.


This year you completed three levels of swimming lessons, and while you still have much to learn your swimming skills have increased tremendously. You also did your first year of T-ball and words cannot express how much you loved that. You wear your medal with pride as often as you can. Spring will come soon enough and you can get right back out there.


We finally got you outside this year, hiking, fishing, and camping. At the beginning f the year you wanted nothing to do with it, now you ask for it, and even woke up from a nightmare in which you didn’t catch a big fish. It’s wonderful watching you enjoy the outdoors in more than a park setting. The world is large and we only get to see a fraction of it.

Speaking of seeing the world; your Dimes for Disney bottle was a fantastic idea. The visual really helps you look forward to a goal and you proudly add to the bottle to go to the “lands” whenever you find or are given a dime. Uncle Shylo even slipped a 5 in there, which you need to point out every time you see it.

You are quickly becoming the grown-up you so desperately want to be. I beg of you to slow down and enjoy being a little boy, you will be a grown up before too long wishing for these days back. I hope that one day you will read this letter and remember the age of 5 fondly. I know I will.


Grow slow Levi, we love you dearly.


Love Jenn


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Goodbye, summer.

I’m not sure what it is about September 1st these last few years but, as soon as it hits it feels like fall. Shorter days, cooler weather. We break out the sweaters and I start baking. Even as I write this I have 4 loaves of bread in the oven, and buns rising to go with the chilli I am making for dinner. Every Sunday during fall and winter I make a soup, stew or chilli. I started this last year after finding out that Blayne’s grandmother made soup every Sunday. I can’t bring myself to do it during the summer, but it is something from his childhood I can give to him, a memory he can share with his boys now.

We said goodbye to summer last week, knowing that it would be the opportunity before school started this coming week, we made one last summer trip to the mountains. We were joined by my brother, Shylo, and his girlfriend, Melissa. We made a 6 1/2 km hike through Maligne Canyon. With 3 kids, one in a stroller, and me being 2 1/2 weeks out of surgery, we were slow going but we made decent time, and I can not wait to do it all over again. We ended with a picnic at the 6th bridge.

We had a pretty good summer.

camping 1.jpg

Camping – We spent a total of two weeks camping over a few separate trips. my favourite would have to be the one  to Jasper. We camped 3 nights with Shylo and Melisssa at Whistlers Campground. Beautiful scenery, close to town and multiple hiking points. I can’t wait to do it again next year.

Hiking – We did a few different trips that involved hiking. My favourite would be the last, only because I wasn’t pregnant anymore and I was really able to enjoy the walk without being in pain.

Untitled design (4)

Fishing – Most of this happened while camping, but it still was great. We had a few firsts with fishing this year, with Hunter, Levi and even Me catching their first fish. Go us.

Plus, we welcomed H.D. which, in my opinion at least, was probably the highlight.

Levi starts school in 2 days, which really means the end of summer. We are back to weekends. Monday – Friday will be otherwise booked between school and activities. That doesn’t mean the fun will stop. Fall still mean hikes, and outdoor time, it also means birthdays and parties. In fact, Levis birthday party will be in just a few short days.

While part of me is already wistful for summer days, I am looking forward to Fall. I love crisp mornings and hot lattes (yes Pumpkin Spice). I can’t wait to celebrate the boys birthdays and Halloween. Fall means hot soups, freshly baked loaves of bread, sweaters and cuddles. I think I have finally found a bread recipe I will stick with, and soups I have been collecting recipes all year waiting for this season to return.

Maybe we will still have a few “summer” days before the snow flies, but I thin they will be few and far between. All we can do is hold on to them when they happen, and embrace fall while it is here.

Mad Mommy



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The breeza: a review.

brz-024_1zWhen I first heard about the Baby Breeza Formula Pro we had just taken Hunter off of formula, but I was certainly intrigued. I loved the concept. Bottles at the touch of a button, mixed and to temperature. It sounded almost too good to be true, but alas, I had no reason for it anymore. When I got pregnant with H.D. I thought of it almost immediately. I began researching it, and the reviews I found were mixed, but positive seemed to outweigh the negative. I wanted to try it for myself but the price of $199.99 it was far out of my price range. Then a wonderful friend of mine bought it for me as a gift.

About a week before H.D. was born I set it up. First I read the directions cover to cover, they were well written and easy to follow. Then I sterilized all the pieces that would be exposed to water or formula, and I left them to dry overnight. I filled up the water canister and ran a full container through it to ensure all the inside pieces were clean as well. Nothing happened. That is when the first swear came in. Turns out the directions only help when you read them, and I didn’t give them to Blayne before asking him to put the formula dispenser together. They have to be in the exact right order or it doesn’t work. Once that was fixed it worked perfectly and I was immediately impressed with how quickly it made a 10 oz bottle. It took seconds compared to the minutes it would take to do the same by hand.

When filling up the formula holder I discovered that it held a full container of formula. This was great news, as I now knew that I wouldn’t have half full containers of formula on my counter. From the minute we mixed our first bottles, even Blayne was impressed, and he was my hardest sell, he wasn’t comfortable with losing “control” over how the formula was mixed.

My biggest complaint is the size of the water canister. At 50ml even when making bottles for a newborn it empties quickly. When bottle size increases I know it will have to be refilled often.

My biggest rave would be how quickly it makes bottles. While we are only using it for 2/4 oz bottles at this point the time it takes to make bottles is even less than it would take to even warm up a bottle our old way.


  • The mixing of the formula to the water causes it to be dispensed in a ‘swirl’ motion, so if the holder isn’t high enough it doesn’t all make it into the bottle.
  • There is no alarm if something isn’t right. If the water canister isn’t right you get a bottle of straight powder.
  • The bottle holder has to be moved up or down to accommodate the size of the bottle needed. Unless the bottle holder is firmly locked into place you risk losing the whole bottle onto the counter. Something we learned after losing 2 bottles worth of formula.
  • Powder formula is sticky, so it needs to be cleaned daily. This only takes about 15 seconds but it does need to be done.

Wish List

  • Lower price – at $199.99 it is a very big purchase for a lot of families, especially when there are already so many other large purchases to make at this time, and this one is a luxury, not a necessity.
  • Small water canister –  My coffee pot has a bigger water canister, this already needs to be filled up daily and we are only making 2 and 4 oz bottles.
  • An alarm –  or even a light to tell you if something isn’t proper before you get a bottle full of nothing.
  • Glowing Buttons  – Specifically the mix button, it would make those middle of the night feedings slightly easier.

Love it

  • Directions – The directions are wonderfully laid out and easy to follow, so even in a sleep deprived state you’re able to follow them,
  • Fast – less than 30 seconds and you can have a 10 oz bottle warm and ready to drink. When you have a screaming baby at 3 am there is nothing better than quick.
  • Formula – Holds a full container, of my brand anyways, so no half full containers on the counter deceiving you about how much you have in reserve. Something you don’t want to find out you’re out of in the middle of the night.

Swear Factor

2/10 – This is mostly due to my inability to read, or pass directions. Still, even at that, I would say that this is a fantastically low rating.

When we first were talking about the Breeza, Blayne was against it. Making bottles isn’t necessarily a hard or time-consuming task but by day one he was sold. He can not speak highly enough of the Breeza and brags about it at every opportunity. I have to agree, the pros far outweigh the cons , and if it wasn’t for the price is would be our go-to baby gift. 

Mad Mommy


**Opinions expressed here are solely mine and/or my husbands. In no way have I been approached by this company to endorse their product, and I have written this review at my own discretion.**
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